Legal expert on Trump's First Amendment defense in impeachment trial

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump will argue that his rhetoric main as much as the assault on the Capitol on January 6 is protected by the First Modification.

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50 thoughts on “Legal expert on Trump's First Amendment defense in impeachment trial

  1. If Chief Justice Roberts thinks this is unconstitutional, why are they proceeding? Why won’t they work on help for the struggling citizens ?

  2. Impeachment gangbang 2.0 is important.
    The Second Law of Schizophrenia: The carrier unconsciously wants to transmit the disease to perpetuate the rabies like virus. Media and diseased people have a tendency to transmit it to others…

  3. Trump won't be convicted in the Senate. He has too many white supremist friends there. They'll vote no. They want everything to return back to the 1950s when whites ruled the United States. So sad! Trump was only a two-bit dictator.

  4. Blm riots and looting ? Where are the dems on that?peaceful i think they said lmao .and now trying to get Mr Trump on a nice peaceful speech which some lunatics took wrong i think you're crazy and seek medical attention now

  5. He should at least be held accountable for taking advantage of weak minded, gullible and poorly educated supporters. It' abuse of the mentally impaired…..

  6. The GQP is about to usher in the Trump über alles period of American history. After these cowards let him off the hook to go golfing why have laws at all? Oh I forgot, laws will still be necessary for poor people of color.

  7. How ironic is it now to see the things this man is facing considering he had people chanting about locking everyone up in the beginning. Lol . Hopefully consequences for these abuses of power and crimes are not something you can purchase your way out of this time.

  8. what try say is proper . the words can not be measured by rules. under constitution , people has right to speach . in addtion , he say in peaceful way.

  9. He forgot to put on his T-shirts with 'SUPREME DISORDER by Ilya Shapiro' at the front 😉
    An over-the-top self-promotion push, so I stopped watching promptly.

  10. When it comes to the constitution a high crime or misdemeanor is not specific. This is why a political trial can be held against any public official. In criminal law, incitement is the encouragement of another person to commit a crime. It doesn't have to be specific.. But this is not a criminal case its a political one so the constitution is going to be used and is going to be the Key to the democrats argument.

  11. The whole Trump era has been like a gathering storm, and the attack on the Capitol was like that first intense bolt of lightning that shakes your house and makes you wonder if your life will ever be the same again. Trump is the reason for what happened and he needs to pay the price.

  12. B.s. inciting a riot is a felony if they let this slide the Republican leadership will do everything in their power to impeach a sitting Democratic president they are the slime in bird crap.

  13. The 1st amendment include free speech…but doesn't give you the right to incited violence…threaten people…bully…traumatize…..obstruct…….physically or verbally abuse…belittle…defame…bribe… another person…those are crimes it's felony punishable by fine and jail time !!!!

  14. The Democrats need to show video of policemen bring beaten or killed interspersed with Trump telling the rioters he loves them.

  15. Democrats made ZERO MISTAKE framing it as INCITEMENT: they knew Republicants would vote to dismiss no matter what – even if he shot someone on 5th Ave, instead they are speaking for history & making a case for 2024 to EXCLUDE T***p.

    "If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it." -Lindsey "gagging-on-a-cheeto" Graham, 2016

  16. There are plenty of lawyers who disagree with your so-called expert. They feel trumps incitement to violence was direct he told them to march on the capital, clearly in violation of the permit they were issued. And to fight. A gangster can give coded orders to his followers and still be liable for their crimes.

  17. It's very clear he knew there wasn't enough security and he directed the mob towards his own people!! Putting them in harm's way!!
    It's common sense!!
    The Army don't send the enemy to their camp where their troops are at!!

  18. The First Amendment is not a license to say anything regardless of the consequences, for example we have laws against slander and libel. You can be held accountable for the the damage that your words cause.

  19. He's gona cry freedom of speech when he has a following of 70 million idiots who hang on his every word? Right that's a load of manure and he knows it. "I used my powers of freedom of speech to incite violence at the Capitol with my following but I was just talking I didnt tell them to actually do a thing when I told them to really be as violent as they can." idiot you where the leader of the USA and you made yourself look like an idiot every chance he got, LIED at every corner and deserves everything you get now that you're not in office.

  20. Mary Trump warns America bring on 14th Amendment to stop Trump from ever holding political office again!!!
    To protect America from Trump, he cannot ever hold ANY political office EVER AGAIN! That's the way to disable all the Oath Breakers, the insane GOP party who still LOVES domestic enemy Trump, and Trump's psychopath "followers" !!!!!

  21. If republican senators want to do the right thing but just can't bring themselves to cross thier fiel adolf, they can simly sit the vote out. Not be present. It doesn't take 66 Senators to convict, it takes 2/3 of those present. Just don't vote if you can't do the real right thing.

    Here's the pathway to the offramp

    It can easily be shown that Trump makes his party exact a price for "disloyalty"
    It can be shown that when voting in secret GOP are more likely to do the right thing (cheney)
    The senate sets its own rules, so a simple majority can decide it will be a secret ballot
    GOP can pretend to boycott the vote, leaving only Democrats to convict
    If they aren't present they don't matter

    seditionist pigs lose
    jellyfish spined goppers have cover
    Trump gets burned for history
    goppers can always say it was a partisan thing – who cares

  22. PAC pressures GOP senators to convict Trump in upcoming impeachment trial

    February 6, 2021, 2:11 pm

    Senate Republicans are struggling to maintain a united front heading into the second impeachment trial of former President Trump. Some say they'll wait to hear the evidence before deciding to convict, while others remain firmly against the trial. Republican Accountability Project chairman Bill Kristol joined CBSN to discuss the future of the GOP, including how to handle members who remain staunch Trump supporters.

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  23. Oh, so he wants to claim first amendment defense but did not give a damn about Kaepernick and his first amendment rights. GTFOHDJT!!

  24. February 05, 2021 – 04:45 PM EST

    New Democratic super PAC to target swing-district Republicans over vote to overturn election

    February 05, 2021 – 04:45 PM EST

    New Democratic super PAC to target swing-district Republicans over vote to overturn election

  25. Microsoft PAC blacklists election objectors and shifts lobbying weight towards progressive organizations

    In a word, they’re blacklisting any senator, representative, government official or organization that voted for or supported the attempt to overturn the election. Fortunately there doesn’t seem to be a lot of grey area here, which simplifies the process somewhat. This restriction will remain in place until the 2022 election — which, frighteningly, happens next year.

  26. He was the president at the time it happened tho… What's the argument with that…. On top of it Mitch wanted to wait until Trump was out, not the dems….

  27. If the co-conspirators are forced to vote in secret, there will be a conviction. It only take 51 votes to make that rule

  28. What difference does any of this matter. It's like t-rump said some time ago, he could go out and shoot someone and nobody would do anything about it! No matter what t-rump has done, legal or not, the repubs don't have the equipment to turn against him.

  29. This is not going through the motions the impeachment is the results of the position that he is as president when he did what he did the trial is about holding him accountable for what he did the accountability of starting a ride that cause five people their life that's what it is that's nothing to do with the impeachment he's being impeached because at the time of the crime he was a president that started a revolution and an attack on America Senate he sent those people in started to write but the case and the trial is to hold him accountable for what he did as a man as a civilian as somebody that started something that got five people killed he is the source of it that's what the trial is for what is the source by which this attack came about Donald J Trump everybody acting like they don't understand that in the Republican party so they trying to twist it around he's the president no more you can't impression he's already been impeached for his actions this is holding him accountable

  30. They are planning to rig this trial. The protest will be so big if they do that they will need the national guard. What a coincidence they are already there.

  31. Trump was the first in being American worse president and traitor and trying to start a coup luck for the country and those people in the U.S. Capital building that those hilllbillies white supremacists are all f*ck up ? there was a stand down on the military and all law enforcement and they still fail at a coup that was hand to them ? and thank God it was only one cop who die.

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