Lawmaker sues Trump for conspiracy to incite US Capitol riot

Former President Donald Trump and lawyer Rudy Giuliani are being accused of conspiring with the far-right teams Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to incite the …

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39 thoughts on “Lawmaker sues Trump for conspiracy to incite US Capitol riot

  1. Check out Mike (L)in(d)ell's stunning video, (A)bs o (l)ute truth on (R)umble. He lays out exactly where the conspiracy lies.

  2. The "full of schiff" Democrat "lawmaker" conspired against President Trump in the fraudulent impeachment trial. He wouldn't know the law if it hit him between the eyes like a 2 x 4.

  3. Money from Trump's campaign went to organize the January 6 protesters/terrorist. It should be in the courts instead of the Repbulican Senate.

  4. The word of the LORD is right and true.
    People died..
    The unfaithful have an appetite for violence
    The one who loves violence his soul hates.
    God loves righteousness and justice
    Actions has consequences
    Sin must be punished..

  5. Mate Gatez is a member of the Proud boys and Ted Cruz also stoked the violence on the Capitol. White supremacists terriost party is the republicans party and that ain't no joke. Trump is going to cause another big riot or he'll try to have Biden killed. The Qrnon expect that Trump will be the president on March 4 . I'm worried the white supremacists terriost party at the white house isn't a good thing for our president and Madam V. P. To be around . But it's not the end of the violence especially when Marjorie Greene is still roming around I wouldn't have my back turned to her

  6. Not only people died and hurt at capital jan6 ! How about Trump lies back jan 2020 about Covid19..and now over 400,000 people died. With covid???..can they suit Trump…so many crimes his died before can prosecutor him ?

  7. Sore Loser Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Shame on Trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Jail is still to receive you 😃😃😃
    Person Woman Man Camera TV and Jail 😂0

  8. Trump will be acquitted yet again. Keep bring these crap lawsuits on. I never knew how corrupt the media was until I leaned about the outrageous act of Andrew Cuomo. This was over a year ago. He even threatened someone to keep Quiet. Andrew Cuomo should be either impeached or in jail.

  9. Those with family members who died in nursing homes in New York should sue Cuomo for negligence. Come on Republicans stand up against these vicious people.

  10. Personally all those who lost loved ones due to Covid under Trump should file… the police officers who were injured and the family of the one who died should sue!!!

    Imagine if a petition could be signed by Americans who suffered during the pandemic and the citizens of the states that were harassed about their vote could bring one of the largest lawsuits against an ex President… ?


  11. I hope he wins God I hope he wins as long as he has a judge that's not a racist bigot like Trump the old man he has all the proof it really depends if the judge has balls and actually taste the Lost serious and won't be intimidated by these weaklings under Trump are Trump his self which I don't understand why be intimidated by such people but whatever but if the judge has balls and stands behind the law he'll win and God I hope he does God bless you sir for suing him if we're taking a stance America needs to know this is not acceptable

  12. Take him for everything he's worth and if whatever judge does not approve it take it to the Supreme Court well actually I don't know if that'll do any good that might

  13. So there's a law on the books for 100 years that designed to stop White Supremacists from interfering with Congress?
    I can't imagine that. I would have heard about it in history class.
    And Fox News has said there is no White Privilege and White Supremacists are not a threat.
    So that law must not exist. Case closed.

  14. The one thing tRump is REALLY good at is lying. It comes so natural to him. That is how he could convince all these loons an election was stolen. Heck that is how he convinced anyone to even vote for him as he is horrible through and through. But the good news is he can't get away with lying in a court of law where actual evidence is required to back your claims. Reality altering won't work there.

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