Lane vs. Auto – The Best Farm Type in Roblox Islands!

Evaluating the 2 farm varieties in Roblox Islands in a side-by-side comparability and benchmark displaying an Onion Auto Farm vs. an Onion Lane Farm. See which …

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34 thoughts on “Lane vs. Auto – The Best Farm Type in Roblox Islands!

  1. I watched til the end of the vid, and I was typing something, and then I saw a scam ad, and I was like “hmm..?” xD Dv doesn’t scam, if anything, he helps STOP the scams 😀

  2. one of the bufflecores are broken, when you kill one of them it doesn't die until you hit it again doubling the xp and drops (note that the drops can break on the other bufflecore as well)

  3. Hey guys, ive had some data loss on the new update, i had 100 tidals, now 25 please can someone tell them on disc? My user is XxChilling_PotatoXx

  4. its a skill update there are going to be skills and you have to level them up to get more damage like levelling up combat will give you more damage if you read this congrats

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