Land Rover Discovery LR3 Top 10 Secrets | Hidden Menus, Super Extended Mode, FBH + More…

On this video we will probably be exhibiting you 10 stuff you in all probability did not know, together with, entry hidden menu’s on the show display and radio, getting your …

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16 thoughts on “Land Rover Discovery LR3 Top 10 Secrets | Hidden Menus, Super Extended Mode, FBH + More…

  1. Nice vid. What wheels and size tires you have on there? And do you have lift rods installed? I have 2.5 in Johnson Rods with the 18 Compos with 265/65 Cooper S/T Maxx tires and love the set up. Basically driving around in offroad height (2.5 in lift plus .8 in from tires). I understand why they can’t come equipped this way but man is it the way this vehicle was meant to be.

  2. I am looking to get a Discovery 3 or 4, the three has the BMW engine and the four has a Jaguar engine. I would like to stick to diesel, which one and model would you recommend please?

  3. There is a headlamp warning lamp in the dash on the MY07 and up models, i fitted a Llams controller so i can go in super extended at the turn of a dial plus other height changes both up and down.

  4. Another excellent explanation of LR3 capabilities, I'll especially check out the super extended mode, which I did not know about it, thanks.

  5. What is your tyre size? Did you change your lift rods or add something else
    Very good ground clearance even without super extended mode!

  6. Cheers from the states!

    Learned two things here after owning an LR3 since 2007.

    I had no idea you could manually go from extended to super extended with the brake and switch combo. Super helpful on the trails. It would be great to have a similar trick to get into extended mode. I’ve got the gap tool for that for now.

    Second, my upper tailgate has never operated like yours did in the main video and always does what yours did at the end. If I press the dash buttons together or use the third button on the remote (if programmed correctly) to pop open the hatch, it will pop open that slight bit. But if your not pulling on the hatch at that exact moment it’s still latched but not closed. I’ve never thought that was right and now I know that both my LR3’s are not functioning correctly.

    Off to investigate now!

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