KOREA VLOG : Trip to Jeju Island Travel Guide (Hotel, Food & More)

Watch this South Korea journey that includes Jeju Island by Pinay vlogger Kristine Roces Jeju Island is the biggest island in South Korea, situated within the Jeju Province.

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31 thoughts on “KOREA VLOG : Trip to Jeju Island Travel Guide (Hotel, Food & More)

  1. habang may covid todo ipon na muna huhu lagi akong excited sa korea vlogs mo ate tin :c ♡ Silent viewer ako pero lagi kong inuulit at binge watch vids mo ate ♡

  2. Nakaka-miss makita yung mga tao na walang face mask grabe! Sana matapos na yung pandemic para makapag-travel na rin! Love your vlogs ate Tin😍😍

  3. Hi Tin. Usually when you want to visit a country, very seldom that you will travel alone specially Korea. When you want to tour a country, it's better if you have a companion with you. I think that room that you used can fit 2 persons that's why it was built bigger.

  4. I really love your vlogs ate❤️❤️😘
    Keep safe always. Sana makarating din ako diyan sa jeju, na inspire akong magtravel dahil sayo..

  5. Korea is so similar to Japan! they’ve acquired so many Japanese traditions from customs, food, lifestyle, etc…. all due to Korea’s war history. Korea was in a terrible state and far worse than the Philippines until they’ve turned themselves around to the South Korea you see now. if you ever make it to Japan, you will see their influences but Japan is that and so much More!…….

  6. very informative and detailed lahat ng travel vlogs mo Ms. Tine🥰 ganitong travel vlog gusto ko hindi puro montage at mukha😅

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