Step contained in the pitch assembly that result in Kong: Cranium Island! Subscribe for extra Pitch Conferences: Brie Larson and Samuel L.

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39 thoughts on “Kong: Skull Island Pitch Meeting

  1. I can't help but feel that naming a character "Mason Weaver" was meant to be a reference to black ops since it also takes place during the cold war

  2. King kong original height ~25ft (7.5m)
    King kong skull island height ~100ft (30m)
    King kong vs Godzilla height ~300ft (90m)

  3. So Kong stays the same size from when the world war pilot crashes to when the Vietnam helicopter guys show up but then in a few more years quadruples in size just because.

  4. When they were talking about the soldiers they should've said
    Producer Guy: What's their deal?
    "Screenwriter guy: Cannon Fodder.

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