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11 thoughts on “Kittiwake Wreck Scooter Dive – Cayman Islands

  1. Have not heard a totally silent DPV yet, hope these were some,which I doubt giving the age. DPVs usually ruin my dive trips, just as last year in Egypt, as their loud sounds are totally annoying and probably to marine life as well. I think until we see brushless motors and very, very silent propellers DPV should be forbidden ! Everything in trying to approach nature becomes a toyland.

  2. This is an excellent dive and well worth the money.  The far side of the wreck is also a nice dive known as the "Sand Chutes".  I was at 150 ft. in this area one time many moons ago and could look up and see the bottom of the boat the water is so clear.  On another memorable occasion, (since I breath so slowly) I was the last one in the water and a large school of juvenile barracuda was above me.  As I swam up to the surface, the barracuda moved to allow me to pass and then closed in again after I passed.  One of the most enjoyable dives I have ever experienced.  Too bad I did not have my camera.  Theodore Sumrall

  3. Nadie sabe lo que se puede obtener con aletas de buceo con un coeficiente de propulsion negativo inferior al que obtienen los peces, porque hasta hoy era imposible de obtener, pero ya es un hecho

  4. AWESOME VIS!!! that was pretty cool to see was video camera attached to the scooter too? or can you drive those things without hands?

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