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41 thoughts on “King Crimson – Islands

  1. Fripp turns his gaze towards the Trifid Nebula of Sagittarius, and recalls that story he read in his youth, about some monks who in their monastery observed, one night a thousand years ago, how particles were released from the moon that originated new stars in the sky. Evokes the metaphor of stars, islands scattered across the sky, and gives name to the fourth King Crimson album.

  2. This album contains the most outrageous guitar solo of all time, why? Just listen to Sailors Tale, where Fripp's solo is all chords. Who ever heard of a guitar solo with only chords?

  3. To fully appreciate this track, you need to be over 60, listen at night in a quiet darkened room, through good quality headphones whilst lying down with your eyes closed after having drunk 2 or 3 glasses of alcoholic beverage (or smoked something you shouldn’t if you are that way inclined) to experience the inner warmth, peace and tranquillity the song invites. Then, not only do you realise the sheer brilliance of this track, but also pity anyone who likes modern, over produced, cleansed, computerised pap that masquerades as music, knowing they can never treasure the sublime album that is Islands by King Crimson.

  4. I wish Ii loved this album. So bad. I've been trying for 45 years and it still hasn't happened. I've tried. It bums me out.

  5. One of the most beautiful songs ever composed and recorded.

    Anyone know what the sound is at the end at sounds like an old air conditioner?

  6. I just started getting more into King Crimson due to a certain show, and this was personally my favorite from the Islands album. So peaceful. So ironic that it was just posted on YouTube too!

  7. I had written a text similar to this one on the other upload of the track, but it has been lost since YouTube disabled the comments.
    I must thank Fripp, Sinfield, Boz, Wallace, Tippet, and everyone who made this song possible. This song helped me a lot during these strange times, ever since the albuns were available on YouTube. When i felt like everything was lost forever, i would come back to this track, it gave me strengh and hope for better times. This will forever be the best King Crimson song for me.
    Edit: also, thank you Hirohiko Araki for getting me into King Crimson.

  8. I remember listening to this song on the ferry to Formentera when I was younger, so much younger than today. I could not believe I was going somewhere Sinfield had written about. Utter magic.

  9. Hearing this song live was one of my most treasured experiences as a King Crimson fan

    By far, their most beautiful song

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