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41 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian Engagement News Reports Explained

  1. KK is delusional. Monogamy not is TT vocab. KK should move on, he'll never marry you. You're 36 and he's not even 30. He's going to have lots of fun 3,000 miles away from your plastic face.

  2. I think she took a big and responsible step for both her and Baby True.Girl live your life and don't let stupid comments put you down,after all you are the strong one.

  3. Hoey works with a murder mystery story on Investigation Discovery. Jordan Craig Craig shouldn't allow Tristan unsupervised visit. Hoey has never cared about Prince's well being hence publicly f* Tristan
    Whilst Jordan was pregnant. She's a narcissist!

  4. They dragged jordyn, they threw dirt on Jordyns name, they bullied jordyn, & now khloe does this stupid shit. For what?

  5. Not only was Kim’s outfit ugly, but how uncomfortable could that be? Also, it was very inappropriate to be dressed like that around children. I mean how can you unwrap presents, eat cookies and play with toys with kids just in that outfit?

  6. Tristan is for everyone and we all know that! Khloe open your eyes how many times has he cheated PUBLICLY and got away with it?! DISGUSTING, she will be mad at every woman that comes near Tristan and end up miserable. We all know how this goes!!! 🙄🤣🤣🤣

  7. I don’t believe Khloe’s ring is anymore than costume jewelry. After Kim’s experience, I doubt she would wear something that big in public.

  8. 2021 kardashian predictions
    1. Kim divorces kanye. Kanye becomes a recluse in 2021. Focusing on music and his kids.
    2. Tristan gets another girl pregnant that khloe knows. Khloe goes beserk.
    3. Jordyn woods pregnant and engaged.
    4. Kendall gets serious with someone and moves in with them.
    5. Kourtney upset with Scott getting a much younger chic pregnant.or its a pregnancy scare. Overnight that girl becomes very famous.
    6. Kylie starts a new business away from cosmetics. Home line. Out of all the kardashians- she has a happy year. No bad things. Shes stable.
    7. Khloe goes into a depression. Behind the scenes shes getting therapy for her issues.
    8. Rob continues to lose weight and finally listening to people about his mental health. He wants to start a brick and morter type store.
    9. There will be a health scare with one of the sisters. Maybe she needs surgery.
    10. Kourtney is having some sort of midlife crises. She doesn't know what she wants to make her happy. So she hangs with younger fans trying to find her identity. In the middle if the year- she will be embarrassed by something she did that was out of line. It will be all over social media.
    11. Kris is trying to keep health issues a secret but something will leak out. It brings her pain. She might abuse drugs with alcohol.
    12. One of the sisters loses alot of money in a business venture. Maybe kim? She wants out of something.

  9. Am a bit worried abt Kim, I didn't see Kanye in sight for the family Christmas photo,probably was around. Kim dont divorce him pls. Jesus can fix any situation. Khloe dont move to Boston till you are his wife, let him be free if he is meant for u, he will do right by you and not cheat, no need body guarding a grown man or feeling if u not there he may do smthg, your life and business is in LA till he has married you, dont move and go be with him entirely. You can always visit nd vice versa. The thing I love abt the Karjenners is they know Jesus, nd their roots is in Christianity but one thing is missing when it comes to relationships they tend to use their strength nd effort, instead of calling on the one they know exist Jesus. Kylie, kim, khloe, Kourtney why dont you call on him. He's gonna fix that battle, No more back and forth and mockery from haters. Jesus can fix it!! Your men are good ppl that even others want soo badly, so there is smthg that only Jesus has to fix. Keep your men!! Fight Kim, Fight Kylie.

  10. I wouldn't ever follow anything these celebrity because of infamy people do. But I am bombarded by their stuff. Here is how I feel about Kloe.I feel she was sexualy traumatized by not physical abuse ,but by over exposure to rampant lust and sexual ideas and actions when she was young. Her inner soul was conflicted. I actually feel great sympathy for her.

  11. It’s so weird to me how Khloe still wants to be with this guy after HE kissed jordyn. People literally dragged Jordyn and Kylie stopped being friends with her because of some shiz TRISTAN did. Idek how they can be around this man knowing that they removed Jordyn from their life and let their fans drag and degrade her for something she didn’t even do and he initiated it’s just messed up at this point. They will forgive him but not Jordyn when Jordyn did nothing wrong.

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