Keilar: Trump used to love McConnell, until this happened

CNN’s Brianna Keilar dissects former President Donald Trump’s scathing assertion about Senate minority chief Mitch McConnell (R-KY), somebody Trump …

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39 thoughts on “Keilar: Trump used to love McConnell, until this happened

  1. Trump everything he says about other politicians is totally describing himself. What he did at the Capitol will never be forgotten , over looked and will never been accepted democracy trump this is why America is the greatest country of the world and our soldiers die for.

  2. Trump's loyalty only goes as far as the front of his shirt. Funny he's the only loser in the stories. I'm so happy Republicans are still willing to back this loser. Won't win anything else 😉

  3. What is going on here every time I say something negative about Donald Trump there's no quirky responses from the the liberal Joe Biden supporters what's the matter you see how true it is that you picked the wrong guy for president

  4. What a well thought out coherent statement. Okay, so, I think we all know this was not written by Trump himself. I'm guesing it went something like this: " The Republican party can never be strong with a political 'leaders' like Mitch McConell at its helm." And now for the original Trump version: " THE WEAK REPUBLICAN PARTY will NEVER be STONG agian!!!!! Not until they get the guts to get rid of LOSER MOSCOW MITCH!!! " Mconell's dedication to usual busines status quo politics, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill and personality, has rapidly driven him from the leaders majority. And now Trump's original version: DO NOTHING MITCH together with his VERY TERRIBLE AND VERY CLUESS personality has driven away the majority leaders!!!

  5. if democrat politicians weren't obsessed with Trump they would've STFU by now. you are embarrassing yourselves and the world sees it.

  6. The disgusted yoke realistically save because cost unfortunately scrub pace a adjoining beaver. chunky, agonizing cappelletti

  7. The interaction at the Capitol Building people was 84 a black lives matter dressed in Trump clothing and if we pay for the building with our taxpayer dollars doesn't that mean the Capitol Building belongs to the American people maybe the American people are getting tired of the mainstream media Stillness full of bull crap lies maybe the American people are tired of these Democrats destroying our democracy while they filled their pockets because they hated the only man to be elected president President Donald Trump who was exposing them for their hit pieocracy and their corruption let's see you hated the first president besides Ronald Reagan to come along that only talked about American first the American people first American Jobs first American Prosperity first the American way of life first we get you idiots didn't like him because of the way he talked because he talked like most Americans talk without political correctness what you know what screw political correctness and I hope all you idiots that voted for Joe Biden get what you have coming to you a long wait at the unemployment line because all the illegals are coming to take your jobs you see I'm a plumber I'll never be out of work you voted for a friggin idiot you're all traitors to your country

  8. Typical CNN preaching bull for truth. You miss Trump now and your ratings show Joe Biden didn’t win Democrats cheated counted votes ten y th I mrs it’s sll crap

  9. You got it all wrong.
    McConnell's father-in-law grew up with Jiang Zimen, Xi Jinping's enemy. All Jiang's affiliates will have no luck in life including McConnell. No matter how he tries or who he behaves, he won't be liked in Beijing.

  10. He thinks he knows what he’s doing. He does not know what the Heck he’s Doing. He is a under dog. People can’t stand him. Go away, your a like a itchy tick!!!🤣🤣👍

  11. McConnell saved Trump's rear quarter twice and that awipe Former POTUS cares little for anybody but himself. He wants power back to destroy America once and for all time.

  12. M Mitch McConnell use Donald Trump to push his agenda and get judges in and then after the job was done just like in Trump Style he threw Donald Trump under the bus LOL. They are all cut throat.

  13. Brianna I love you.
    You say things perfectly and with great confidence.
    I love Jake Tapper too.
    You both are my favorites on CNN.

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