Katyal: Discussions Of Invoking The 25th Amendment And Impeachment Have Gained ‘A Lot Of Velocity’

Georgetown College regulation professor and former appearing U.S. Solicitor Basic Neal Katyal weighs in on how Congress might impeach the president for the …

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23 thoughts on “Katyal: Discussions Of Invoking The 25th Amendment And Impeachment Have Gained ‘A Lot Of Velocity’

  1. You can't use the 25th Amendment to stop a President from using presidential powers. It can only be used when a President is unable to function and use the powers of the office. Cabinet would have to agree and Pence would have to write a letter to Trump informing him he was unable to function. Trump would simply write back and say he was able. Trump would also be in a position to fire Cabinet members which would stop the procedure. The 25th is an antiquated and cumbersome provision and is really only suitable where a President is physically incapacitated. Republicans will stymie any Impeachment or vote to remove in the Senate. As for Trump saying in his most recent video that there will be an orderly transition of power, well he said that a few weeks ago to a reporter and look what he has done since then.

  2. Many call the Kremlin the
    ' The Russian Jewish MAFIA.
    Fred Trump came from Prussia or East Germany and settled in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn,NY.

  3. Think about this one: … Trump will pardon himself for the crime of SEDITION. He will try to escape the charges of The Violent Overthrow of Democracy. Think about that.

  4. With MK Ultra the FSB could target the brain of president as this technology has been available to both the USA and Russia who divided the NAZI scientists half and half.

  5. Suspend Trump's Twitter account indefinitely and you will break him.

    Trump is responsible for inciting his MAGATs to riot.

    The supreme court can hold Trump responsible for treason and endangerment of the public!

    I suggest all the injured security staff sue Trump. Go stay at Mar-a-Largo and say Trump is going to pay!

  6. The world does NOT want the US to resume a leadership role after the absurd stupidity displayed.

    The world wants the US to take a collaborative role. A quiet back seat is better suited.

    The world associates the US with racism, school shootings, invasions, stupidity and lying.

    World Peace relies on the US staying at home killing it's own people!

  7. Stop using the term white supremacist.

    You call a Maori brown because we're brown.

    Why call a white person white when they're pink?

    Supreme means best not worst. There is black power, brown power and the trouble makers in the capitol are pinky power!!!

  8. Where were the military? Maybe put the word out to armed teenagers from other states?

    No more pinky privilege. Shoot those filthy MAGATs. Lynch them, that's what you'd do if they were black!!!

  9. Love Nicole's panel always and Sir Neal Katyal is a stalwart law scholar, period! Wish Mr Katyal; Ms Yates and Mr Bahara are given prosecutorial honors to bring cases against this 'guy' !!!!!

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