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37 thoughts on “JUST IN: President Trump releases NEW YEARS EVE message

  1. Ya'll hear that???….that screeching, smashing sound of calamity that seems to go on and on is the slow wrecking of the trump train……biggest loozer in the history of the world……disgraceful that a sleepy, creepy man with dementia locked in his basement kicked trumps a$$ and got more votes than ever in the history of the world…. Amen and Hallelujah!!!

  2. His lying gets worse and worse, almost nothing is the truth of what he's been saying the last four and a half min.

  3. He couldn't know BionTech in Germany would have a vaccine by Nov. Btw he said we have one in Oct. But he has nothing to do with the vaccine from BionTech and Pfizer. He was just lucky he picked the right date.

  4. love our amazing president donald j trump 4 more years …GOD BLESS AND PROTECT DONALD J TRUMP .. BEST PRESIDENT EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. “They want us to believe that Joe Biden won 200 fewer counties than Obama but somehow got 9 million more votes? I don’t think so…”

  6. The US is tired of espionage, sycophancy and corruption. The whole world is on its ears because of the pandemic. Therefore, Donald Trump is the president who chose the people of America by a majority vote. Trump deserves to be president of the United States.. We chose Trump and he should be helped by the US Army to restore order and arrest Biden. Biden and his gang of corrupt officials want to steal Trump's victory. Let's support Donald Trump, down with the Democrats. There are a lot of violations in the elections, the Democrats threw in a huge number of fake ballots. Biden and his gang intimidates witnesses about the breach of the election. Some eyewitnesses, officials were simply killed. Biden will be court-martialed.

  7. so what is the answer? I am tired of being on lockdown with
    colorado!! why does Jared Polis have this much control

  8. Indeed thank you Mr. President for all the promises and more that you accomplished done. You did great, wonderful things no other president did. I am grateful to have you as our president. Thank you.

  9. Get on the drugs Xi is on everyone. He sounds about 25 (just watched his as well). No doubt they're all going for best life to last longest so lets hope coronavirus stays away so we can do great things medically

  10. Sadly people may have yet to learn what it will mean to their freedom if Biden gets in!! It is a horrifying thought. If you even suspect that voter fraud has taken place what do you think this will mean to any future voter security or are you already committed communists?

  11. This excuse of a "man", would be dictator if he had half a chance! I think at some point he even believes his own B.S.! Meanwhile he was playing politics with all of the covid 19 situation! He is a lunatic to be sure!

  12. This is an on going Coup they are taking over America the Communist Democrats with Republicans and the MSM and China. Try are taking over America from within!!!


  14. 36 years of voting republican .. but GA time to vote blue for GA senate. I have a disable wife, a 19 year old full time college kid, make less thank 36k a year household , but MITCH appears to believe that I could not use the money,, I know its easy,, GO ON unemployment …. UNEMPLOYMENT would be a huge raise for me.. , I would be better off setting home cashing check.. The working people in the USA needs help 2k is a God send. Mitch this is heartbreaking !!!!

  15. We love you President Trump and God is with you, best president ever and you will be again for the next 4 years, Thank you God!

  16. As for all of those thousands of people involved in the election fraud crime, you need to confess it because they will be coming for the guilty!

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