Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Official Trailer #1 – Dwayne Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens (2012) HD

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Official Trailer #1 Sean Anderson companions together with his mother’s boyfriend on a mission to search out his grandfather, who’s considered …

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37 thoughts on “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Official Trailer #1 – Dwayne Johnson, Vanessa Hudgens (2012) HD

  1. Well I don't care what y'all think. Yes it's corny and cgid to hell and back but I ❤ it. Have a little imagination or have you all lost that? For me Luis Guzmán made this movie, the funniest one of them all. Oh and it's NOTHING like jamangi, either of them.

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  3. Guys I need help , is this movie is chapter 2 for another movie or it's just the name? I mean is it ok if I watched it without watching anything before it?

  4. The island sinks every 140 years but the animals somehow don't drown?
    The temple is destroyed in this movie's sinking but not in all the other sinkings before?
    Captain Nemo was buried by his crew so there were still crew around. They didn't leave on the Nautilus why? Why was the Nautilus still there?
    I suppose it is possible that the 4 from the helicopter who are being chased by a giant lizard all over the place for hundreds of yards end up in exactly the right spot for the old man's preset log traps to hit the lizard just right.
    Why does the old man have signs in his shelter saying please don't flush leaves down the toilet? And all the other signs? He's the only one there.
    The bee scene. They fly far apart over a jungle with no real points of reference. Up and down and over a wide area like miles and somehow they have absolutely no trouble finding each other again IMMEDIATELY once the birds are dealt with.
    There is so much more wrong with this trash. I am not spending the hours necessary to write all of it down.
    I would not be surprised to learn that a lot of the people involved in this pile of dung went on to work on the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

  5. This CGI aged as well as the pirates franchise
    Also why does an Oscar worthy British talented guy always show up in some bad cash cow movie (Anthony Hopkins, Micahel Caine, Judi Dench)

  6. Wtf I thought this was supposed to be jumanji and then when the video started I unlocked a hella lost memory

  7. Hen the island sinks what happens to Atlantis because in the movie with the volcano it seemed to be destroyed but was not destroyed in the thousands of years before and every time it sinks what happens to the plant life like does it die or just stay there like what about the animals and bugs and the lizard that lives there or every cycle it just regrows with new species and new animals evolve from survivors or other organisms????? Just a thought

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