Jonathan Frakes Discusses The Discovery's New Personality | Star Trek: Discovery

Host Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Subsequent Era) welcomes Director Jonathan Frakes to “The Prepared Room” and collectively they take into account how the united statesS. …

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31 thoughts on “Jonathan Frakes Discusses The Discovery's New Personality | Star Trek: Discovery

  1. If they can redeem Luke Skywalker maybe it's not too late for Star Trek? "Watches video". Nope, it's too late, far, far too late. Real Trek is dead long live the voyages of STD – where the crew has gone mad from untreated syphilis. Turns to Mikey Spock – "Hey, Mary Sue, can you magically fix everything this episode just like you did in every other episode?" Mikey Spock says, "Hold thy tongue mortal, do not forget you are addressing a god! Now begone, lest I smite thee."

  2. Love you guys, but I've decided to rewatch the pre JJ trek instead of what's being offered today. It's not for me.

  3. Great actors/director who drank the kool aid. Roddenberry has been spinning in his grave since “The Michael B. Show” pilot.

  4. I am really glad to see Will Wheaton bringing his love for Star Trek to this show. He is a great host and has such connections to what is best of trek.

  5. 🙇•••Wes… You Cheated 🏀🤾⛹️⛹️
    👉💫E=mc√👈 🛩️
    Strategaima Master of, Colromy "YOU hAVE MADE A Mockery of Me e e 🙌📟🎡🐙
    👴 🙇••••••😂😁😂
    •••• nahnights 🔬👀
    🤵•••Mom, I'm in trouble 👩‍💼?…. 🌹•••••
    •••they must have gotten loose I found that I'd found the lid opened upon Awakening 🙄

  6. I hope we experience the return of Wesley Crusher in Star Trek Picard. I can only imagine what experience and wisdom that character has now, since the day he left the enterprise with the traveler. The traveler must have taught him alot. Who knows what Wesley has seen and learnt. It would also be refreshing to see him reunite with Picard. They always had a bit of a father son relationship.

  7. Love Frakes! You could tell these two probably have some stories from TNG days . As always keep trekkin on man! 😀

  8. It's a terrible show and doesn't hold a candle to TNG, DS9 or Voyager.

    Breaks my heart seeing how simplified Star Trek is becoming compared to the grand ideals the old series conveyed.

  9. This is not Star Trek. It should be called the Michael Burnham SJW show. Worst Star trek ever. Incredible that you think this disaster is any good.

  10. Always nice to SEE you Wil and the guest you speak with YES we the fans LOVE when Jonathan directs an episode or more, I just want Jonathan to know if I don't think the episode is great I KNOW he did not write it ONLY DIRECTED IT.

  11. This channel is amazing. I love you guys and I promise you I am the biggest Trekkie you have ever met. I actually own a few costumes from the next generation series that was auctioned off at Christie’s. I would love to hear from someone from this channel if your down with seeing the costumes

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