Jon Ossoff Delivers Remarks On Election Results | NBC News

Watch as candidates within the runoff elections for Georgia’s Senate seats ship speeches. » Subscribe to NBC Information: » Watch …

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32 thoughts on “Jon Ossoff Delivers Remarks On Election Results | NBC News

  1. I am so happy that more than 50% of Georgians did the right thing by voting you and the Rev in. You both will do well for your state!

  2. Davis review and Kelly Lovett we wish y'all was the one to run the White House we don't need none of the other crows there are piece of s*** we love Trump David and Kelly we love y'all not the other cowards there are a piece of s***

  3. Well let's hope he don't just become another swamp creature hope he comes in thinking for himself and doing good things good luck sir

  4. Get ready Americans watch your paycheck stub your taxes are going to increase immigration is not free somebody has to pay for it and that's you so all you people are for open the gates ok open your pockets because you are going to pay for it Biden is a joke I will not support anything by him I'm done paying taxes supporting his party I'm done he'd a joke a bad person and you Americans were fooled by his lies you will see

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  7. So proud of you!!! Congratulations on a very well deserved win. Thank you for your integrity, compassion and leadership – you are absolutely making a difference and it is profoundly appreciated. Onward in 2021!!

  8. Congratulations! I am so pleased and excited ! I recognize the humbled caring as genuine and see the confidence and vision you have! May God bless you and pave your way! As With Mr Warnock!

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