Joe Scarborough: This Is What Republicans In The Senate Want You To Forget | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Senate Republicans voted Tuesday for a measure that will have declared the impeachment proceedings towards former President Trump unconstitutional …

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49 thoughts on “Joe Scarborough: This Is What Republicans In The Senate Want You To Forget | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. If Republicans Senate don't do the right thing for the American People…
    ….then they will deal their own fate and WE, the American People will have to hold each and every Republican that vote against impeachment accountable. And ensure they NEVER hold office again. Their children, grandchildren will live with the shame for generations to come.

    ….next time these seditious Republicans tell their children, grandchildren about integrity, Honor and doing the right thing…they can BOLDLY say, YOU DIDN'T traitor!!!

  2. Remember when the RW terrorists took over that Wildlife Refuge and then they all got off scot free? And then RW terrorists think it's OK to try to take over the Capital? You can't let this kind of thing go or it will keep happening until the county is gone.

  3. The Media's the most powerful entity on Earth. they have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. because they control the minds of the masses. the Press is so powerful in it's image- making role, it can make the criminal look like he's the victim and make the victim look like he's the criminal. If you aren't careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.
    (Malcolm X warned 50 years ago)

  4. Republicans learned to deny all the bad stuff and then bait and switch. People have a short memory and a new story will happen.

  5. The only significant federal gun control measures ever passed in the USA have been by conservatives and were supported by the NRA. The myth that guns are going to be taken away is just as insane as the Q insanity. It is these crazy people who will ultimately force stronger gun regulation. They have only themselves to blame. Telling the truth and not being insane would help a lot.

  6. They want you to think everything illegal they are doing we liberals are doing. It's called being a sociopath and not owning up to what they do

  7. Joe, The Democrats should pause the Impeachment and get a ruling from the Supreme court that the impeachment is constitutional. Only a supreme court ruling can remove the procedural shield that the Republicans want to hide behind. I am a conservative ands the current new Supreme Court Justices are from the Federalist Society and will support the constitution.

  8. Exactly. They are terrorists. They need to be treated as such. Five deaths and there could have been many more. This is to the point of absurd. There should be no question that these terrorists need to be broken. And any politician supporting this needs to be broken. And removed from office for life.

  9. Ok. Rant is fine and correct. But why have I heard this insane "extra from Reds" comment at least twice in the past few days? What is wrong with you Mr. Scarborough? Your bigotry is not ok just like others' bigotry isn't.

  10. president trump have nothing to do in this rrepublican have to fights for the president honor no turn against him
    people are not happy what dems did still the election it look like you do not care about what people want only because power and Biden see you support him yeah right!!!

  11. Omg Joe Scarborough. I love your outright indignation, your moral outrage. Every single red-blooded American patriot ought to feel this way.
    Thank you for saying the way I feel.

  12. This is who they are Joe. The GOP is a fascist party. They approve of sedition. It's all about the power. Look at Moscow Mitch. He received donations from Oligarch Derapaska who is also helping Moscow Mitch fund an aluminum plant in Kentucky. So tell me why this illegal act of foreign donations is not used against Confederate Mitch to throw him out of office. All I hear are CRICKETS

  13. The Republican party are just showing the world who they are and we all need to see for what it is criminal behaviour is alright just as long as you fly the Republican party flag 💩💩💩

  14. M. R. I'll tell you how she can… she is white. When in the United States would any non- white person be deemed as a citizen exercising their God- given and constitutional right to free speech while spewing racist and terror venom of the foulest kind? This is what I have always known of the United States as a country, but then again I am a black woman, so my opinion probably isn't worth jack !!!!

  15. How is it only 500 seditionist have been arrested (& released) when the videos show thousands raiding our House. The Repugnant Unleashed Maggot Puppets sent by Putin's puppet to "hang Pence", & lynch elected members of Congress must be held accountable because THIS IS AMERICA! . All those complicit cruz, rudy, boebert, hawley, greene, djt jr., lindsey, etc. must be censured IMPEACHED, fined, & removed bcuz this is not their ameriKKKa and #JUSTICEMATTERS!

  16. Joe is in a rant competition with Olberrmann. Both are correct. This is not play acting any more, neither on the part of the terrorists nor on the part of the members of Congress who egg them on. God only knows what the delusional Trump himself is thinking. Maybe he really believes he is just continuing to play a reality show character. But the others know.

  17. Pence like Trump and the rest of the Republicans have blood on their hands from their conscious mismanagement of the pandemic. They should be building a gallows for these people in the rose garden. Not worrying about their safety.

  18. Anyone who wants to speak in favor of shooting people doesn't get to complain about a metal detection. Of she doesn't like it she should simply not be allowed in to vote. She isn't even someone who has not threatened the people in that room.

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