Joe Biden assembles “pandemic taskforce” ahead of taking office – BBC News

The US president-elect Joe Biden has began assembling his staff as he prepares to take workplace in January. He is mentioned tackling coronavirus is the important thing to …

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26 thoughts on “Joe Biden assembles “pandemic taskforce” ahead of taking office – BBC News

  1. Really? Everyone knows this SlaveCrat is a creepy pedisleaze mega criminal Traitor. The SlavCrats just don’t care. It might be better to put a crown on a roach.

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  4. Anyone who supports Biden is insane. The guy has huge direct bribery from the CCP and is barely lucid. He's the epitome of a puppet. Also, the democrats rigged the election.

  5. Biden is not sworn in as President he has no right to make any changes, which would be illegal. Biden is pawn for the radical left Communists who have threatened Trump supporters with harsh punishment this is Nazism at its highest.

  6. trump's a coward and he is just going through the stages of grief. Same as most of his supporters. You will be ok! Just remember on January 20th it's gonna hit hard.

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