Profession waterfalls glowing like azure diamonds, cascading into swimming pools of full advantages, all untouched by humanity. Coconut timber, wealthy with candy time beyond regulation pay …

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33 thoughts on “Job Island

  1. Most people don't even notice the third O.
    I don't even know man. The magic of 99 has a stylish flair that seemingly contradicts a poopshoot in many ways. Actually come to think of it, it really should have been 69.

  2. I am imagining the story that led you to name yourself poopshoot, decide to add another o to shoot and still need to put a number at the end. Did 98 other people really name themselves poopshoot with an extra o in shoot?

  3. well at least u commented about the video instead of just going like "FIRST COMMENT HaCkz0R" or something like that lol

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