Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Path to a Trump Conviction

It is day three of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial and Jimmy breaks down the longshot path to convicting him, FOX Information turning up the fake outrage …

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41 thoughts on “Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Path to a Trump Conviction

  1. We Americans Already Living In A NEW PANDEMIC.!!!!! It's Called Donald J.ackoff Trump.!!!! LOOK BACK When Covid-10 First Arrived In America.. What DID Donald J.ackoff Trump Do.???? NOTHING BUT LIE.!!!! WHAT DID The GREAT MINDS OF THE CDC DO.???? FLIP FLOP.!!!! EVEN TODAY, EVER TRY TO MAKE AN COVID-19 APPOINTMENT.???

  2. There is nothing that liberal policies bring to the table for a middle class working white guy – you know, the guy who makes this country function. That's an indisputable fact.

  3. The smartest and most true thing I’ve ever heard Jimmy say is during his Roseanne interview…
    Roseanne: “you all are the ones who’ve moved away from the center, I’ve stayed in the same spot.”
    Jimmy: “You’re probably right honestly”

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  6. Wow so is this the place where i abandon my thought and reason because
    101101 0RANG MAN BAD 11101101
    … :/ …. I wonder if jimmy knows any jokes other than himself

  7. The American government put the unemployment benefits in the hands of a security app maker and now millions of Americans needing unemployment are stuck with absolutely no help what so ever!

  8. I cant stand Trump by any measure but if he didnt actively instigate the riots he cant be held accountable. After all he did say that the protestors to "peacefully" let their voices be heard. He definitely set an environment of resentment by his voters but he unless he actively incited the crowd to act violently he cant be held accountable.

  9. Well, I am an Indian and I don't know if I should comment on this matter… But the trial of Donald Trump was so much fun.
    However, I think the Democrats needed a better lawyer.
    Donald Trump's defence attorney was an absolute beast when compared to his Democrat counterparts.
    He might have won even if it was in front of a neutral Jury instead of the Senate. And this is coming from an absolutely neutral person.
    Buck up democrats. Hold people accountable instead of celebrating prematurtely.

  10. The reason Trump's impeachment collapsed and he was found not guilty was very simple. The Democrat party was using forged documents as evidence. Two of the squirrels who helped setup this scam were Schumer and Pelosi. Both of these people should be thinking about early retirement. It is going to take many years before the Democrat party can regain the respect of the American citizens.

  11. You believe trump incited the insurrection. But you don’t believe Biden’s sleeping with the Chinese enemy? You don’t believe that letting thousands of illegal immigrants flooding the border isn’t to get all those extra votes in 2024? That’s an insurrection to overturn the election Biden himself. But that’s ok right? Trumps team didn’t need the full time to defend him, doesn’t take that long to show how the forged and lied about evidence. Call me stupid that’s your right and freedom of speech wich btw Biden’s team is trying to strip you of your rights. But your ok to be Biden’s puppet.

  12. Isn't that how you reacted to plain side evidence of voting fraught Joe budden actually set on life TV he and Obama Had set up the biggest voting fraught Campan in America

    For the last 4 months you guys are asking for evidence when we started giving it You guys start censoring us What a fraud you are

  13. Too bad your colleagues of the establishment thought they could triumph by fabricating evidence.
    Maybe you should share something actually meaningful— something like the reported deaths of patients having a run-in with Mr. Pfizer in Norway.

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