Japanese BROWNCORE Rural Temple Town Island Tour // Animal Crossing New Horizons

Toured the fantastic BROWNCORE island of Koyasan, a rural temple city by Josh.Crossing (IG). Josh is a fellow ACNH content material creator who builds new …

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31 thoughts on “Japanese BROWNCORE Rural Temple Town Island Tour // Animal Crossing New Horizons

  1. First video of the new year and hope you had happy and safe holidays! Lots of new content planned for 2021. Streaming the process of building my new island too. Mondays at 5:30p EST here on Youtube and then Wednesdays and Saturdays on Twitch (link in description). Join our discord too to stay up to date with announcements for streams and to hang with some cool folks! Link in description

  2. I love the tours you’re doing, always so relaxing to watch. Whenever I want inspiration for my island, I turn to your videos. Keep up the good work! <3

  3. BRO I found the dream address for this island on Instagram and got really inspired by it but afterwards I forgot where I found it and was trying to look for it 😲

  4. These islands are beautiful and complex but impossible to play Animal Crossing … there is not even a real river course :/

  5. I was in class so I had to wait😭😭 but the towns you visit are always amazing and gives me so many new ideas ☺️☺️☺️

  6. My theme isn’t Japanese at all but I love seeing rural mixed with urban. I was doing a forestcore/ brown core island for awhile but there’s so many cool urban items that I want to use. These videos have been super helpful and inspiring! Keep it up man 🙂

  7. I just found your channel recently but I love your videos! These dream tours are so helpful for people like me still figuring out what they wanna do with their island 🥺

  8. I literally just toured this last night lol. I was over here wondering if I should suggest this island for you to tour next. Looks like you were already well past that!

  9. Honestly one thing I loooooved about happy home designer is that we got to choose the exteriors of the shops on the Main Street. That’s always something I hoped they would add in new horizons. They did it for the resident services and train station in new leaf…not too high a hope for new horizons maybe?

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