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30 thoughts on “James Bond Island – Thailand Tourist Trap?

  1. พี่สาวคนนั้นพูดว่า”หลุดมาจากไหนนะ คนนึง”

  2. Chad, since you most of the time alone why don't you invite your help employees , drivers or others that assist you along the way at least to lunch.
    Don't tell us how nice and caring of a person you are, why not show it instead, specially in this horrible times for these people.
    P S ,.not a hater.

  3. You know man- I like you better after todays video. good job! I grew up in tousit town in Florida and have both sharp "tourist trap radar" and a fucking terrible aversion to that shit too.

  4. 6:00 idiot pants, lol. feels like you're starting to sound a little jaded. i personally like my idiot pants souvenir. lol… love ya buddy, keep the good content coming, and cheerup =)

  5. I didn’t really like the tour when I did it. Way too many people everywhere!! But Thailand in general is awesome. I miss it!

  6. Trips to (mainland) China have helped me understand the reasons behind seemingly odd and/or rude behaviors, but it's still hard not to get annoyed when someone cuts in line, pushes their way around, etc. with what appears to be no regard for others. I get it…it's survival of the fittest with little time for social niceties when living among 1.4 billion people…but citizens of every nation would be better off if we each took more time to observe what is and isn't acceptable in new surroundings, then worked to adjust our behavior in an accordingly courteous manner.

  7. u should visit co samui its in thailand a rlly nice place and i kno this because raised there and want born with the culture. u should rlly visit there and its rlly beautiful

  8. I tried to book a JBI tour from Phuket 2 days ago but I was told they aren't running them now. When I come back, I'll do it without a tour. I went to Phi Phi instead and loved it.

  9. Yes your spot on,
    Just about all the boat and tour operators get a kick-back by taking you thru all the tourist gift vendors and other,
    It's unrelenting and detracts from what would be otherwise a nice experience.
    But that is pretty much how it's done anywhere, TIT

  10. I died laughing 3 or 4 times. Those caves are nice with no one there try 100 kyaks and the flooring village ate there too.

    The water there looks so much better than it did before with no boats.

    Love the china comment and the idiot pants. Haven't heard that in a while

  11. Nice one Chad, but I thought you were going to fly in on your amphibious plane, blow it up, then get a Chinese junk boat back to Hong Kong LOL. Cheers dude!

  12. There is a lot of racism in Asia even among different Asian groups. And if you want to buy something in Asia, buy where the locals buy, not where the tourists buy. If you buy where the tourists buy you will buy fakes and over pay for everything.

  13. Wish I’ve seen this before albeit YouTube wasn’t around yet. We went there back in 2000 and did exactly what you just experienced. Sucked! The island was amazing but the side trips before that was not worthy

  14. In my opinion, it is a waste of money to go there. A pillar in the water and a small beach, are too expensive to see. Own experience
    Micke from 🇸🇪

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