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45 thoughts on “Jamaica News Today January 3 2021/JBNN

  1. Crime in Ja is like a never ending horror story.
    It's easy said than done but Jamaican should stop going to any Caribbean island that are intolerant to them. We know the dutty tuff back a yard but Jamaicans choose wisely!

  2. You can see that the Barbados 🇧🇧 court have a natural hates for the Jamaicans, also to Guyanese people. Based on the comments from the court of Barbados 🇧🇧, by saying that they are setting on a example on those nationals.All the government of Jamaica 🇯🇲 got to do,that when catches any of the eastern Caribbean Islands people in Jamaica 🇯🇲. You treated them the same way like how they are,treating the Jamaicans in their own country. It shouldn't be like that at all, because we are the same black people. We shouldn't behaving so erratic against each other as black people, but if you want to lived bad with me. For no apparent reasons, because we are all one people, but some people don't see it like that.

  3. This thing that really pisses me off big time, is the stupid ass jlp party government ministers them is. Sending the people them to St,Ann who are sick with the coronavirus disease to do their quarantined and. Then knockculated the place with the coronavirus disease, why does ministers don't take them to their houses. They are not showing no form of respect to the people of St,Ann at all, because certain individuals is not living there anymore. Because they would several road blocks, preventing from carrying those sick people there. There are two major airports in the island 🏝, where the majority of the people traveled through. Why not let they spend their time in those two parishes, because they have several hotels there or. Sending the people to their own yards, why Andrew Holness and that. Big face Edmond Bartlett Sending the people to St,Ann for, is St,Ann is a dumping heaps. For those people with the coronavirus disease, every person's on that plane have a parish to go to. So send them to their own parishes, we don't want them in St,Ann spreading the coronavirus disease. Because the parish is mostly populated with them old labourites supporters, so they are not saying anything at all. I only sorry that the coronavirus disease cannot catch, those labourites MPs. For allowing this kind of slackness in the parish, because they are very much worthless. They does not cares about the health of the people of St,Ann, else they wouldn't allowing this kind of bullshit. To be happening at all, because the people lives comes 1st.

  4. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged for the Lord your. God will be with you wherever you go 🙏 JESUS CHRIST IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE ETERNAL 🙏…/

  5. Good morning Queen Blessed Love the most way.
    But hold on, I feel this is harsh bout making an example of him if you have no one to go to the shop to buy essentials what was he supposed to do? ca two Caucasians were in Barbados who was on Love Island Reality programme charged with breaching their covid19 rules, she could be fined £18,000 or a year in Jail, and her partner was positive and they tried to skip their country and was caught at the airport and arrested, she is in court on Wednesday, I wonder what will happen to them, let's see🤔 No disrespect but Barbados for whatever reason have always had some problem with Jamaicans, I did my dissertation on Barbados and this is what I felt while there ca JA Tourism didn't have an opening for placement at that time.
    I Pray that young prince is found safe🙏🏿

  6. Unu stop tell bloodclaaat lie people who dead 90 80 72 100 those are natural death u lucky if u live pass 70 now a day because that the age older people died these days. Stop spreading lie on carona. You dam lieing people

  7. This is Jamaica government caricom idea giving these people the benefits of Jamaicans it shall not be tolerated and we must reject the government CARICOM idea get rid of these people we can't negotiate with other foreign government and their mouth has CARICOM are not in our business smh

  8. It seems as if Jamaica has a secret gun factory weh no bada no know bout a waa a gwan Jesus if yu no busy walk in a Jamaica

  9. They don't like jamaica over there he lucky he never get life sentence them people over there most hate full of jamaican

  10. All now Jamaicans don't realize that those little islands like Barbados and Trinidad don't like Jamaicans..and Jamaicans won't stop going to them..we must start treating them like how they treat us..tit for tat..an eye for an eye..moses law..

  11. Jamaica need CCTV cameras all over the country especially in the town and community. Because if they can install them at certain points and places they can arrest many more criminals. Someone in the island is responsible for all these guns coming in the island. I believe that those gun are there to kill people and drugs cartel have a lot to do with it.where do broke pocket men get money to buy guns. The scammers are all criminals and drugs dealer and murderers and need to be dealt with seriously

  12. I just tell a girl I will not come to barbados to visit because they do my people bad in their as a Jamaican i can't see my self visiting Barbados or Trinidad smh

  13. The JCF seized so many weapons they can even open gun stores all over Jamaica, Who keeping tab on all those seized weapons thou.
    We all know Jamaica has that no accountability culture.

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