Jamaica News Today January 2 2021/JBNN

Jamaica Information At present January 2 2021/JBNN If you happen to like our content material please help our channel by donating PAYPAL …

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40 thoughts on “Jamaica News Today January 2 2021/JBNN

  1. Whole on dey mek mi listen again
    So the 14 yr old jah know star . Jsmaica no start out good at alll. Fi 2021. Jah know star… it sad

  2. I would like to inform the Jamaican people them, that is full time they should take back their freedom from the government. The government joined up with Bill Gates the main prepretrators of the coronavirus disease, they implemented the disease. To promote their econom

  3. There is nothing is going to do to that Gordon Town road until the next election, when the government try to bitch it up .Because they realized that they can manipulated the people them, because they does not respect themselves at all. Because if they did, they wouldn't let themselves to be treated like wild animals. The conditions that those Gordon Town residents living under, and they been neglected by their jlp party government ministers. Well is who they voted for and, is that kind of services they are getting for their votes.

  4. Very good initiative Gordon Town residents. You demonstrate what can be accomplished when we cooperate as a community.

  5. I wish INTERCOM would investigate these Criminals who are taking people lives like MOSQUTIOS ,also their supporters. The Criminals are causing the problem.NOT the OFFICERS.

  6. Greetings JBNN . the news is so sad killing and peoples taking bath in a buckets. Love peace and blessings. Love always.

  7. What a life these police have endure with scrutiny of indecom and wrong doers ! Too often when young gunmen are killed by police , someone quickly pick up these gun and hide it . Hopefully there is gun residues on this young man finger. May God help the good and honest hardworking officers..

  8. Hi good night my question to the minstry 0f health is why is the number for covid always the same number 2 3 please give me the right number please that what even your new record

  9. "WATER IS LIFE" water commission need fi change this because if this was so three quater of Jamaicans would die..noh mek nobody fool we…dem care zero..God bless the black tanks fi who cah afford fi build one and God bless God (hope mi a mek sense) for his showers of blessings RAIN…God bless those who sell water…THANK GOD FOR LIFE…water commission unuh COME GWOPE..KMT


  11. Miss Jones, Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Prosperous New Year "2021" Good Health, Peace, Joy and Happiness. Stay safe. Blessings always 🙏

  12. The road looks very dangerous, hope it gets fixed soon enough. My pressure was going up seeing the lady walking with the baby so close to the end of the cliff… See how the community cooperation helped to employ the young people and keep the area free of garbage. Quite commendable of the organizers and sanitation workers who are helping keep the community clean 👏👏👏

  13. Water commission a set of theif and the OUR letting them get away with it every month they are sending out estimates bills for water you are not consuming

  14. Pipelines should be along all of the main roads in Jamaica, jamaica is surrounded by water so water is the main source of life and healthiness and higene ,so make improvements create more Dams and pipelines.

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