Islands in Plague inc. are like… (With greenlands)

Have you ever ever puzzled, why Greenland is simply closing down the ports? Higher query, why no ships are going to the greenland in plague inc? Really, why …

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42 thoughts on “Islands in Plague inc. are like… (With greenlands)

  1. "What is your biggest enemy you may ask" then continues with "It's the cure,if it reaches 100% you lose (mostly)". You're wrong,it's Greenland

  2. Remember I told you to use Infectivity and severity and not lethality?
    The more infectivity the faster it will infect and your disease cannot detect
    Devolve any mutated symptoms such as cysts or anything that increase lethality
    Also try playing on Bio Weapon (Most Special Disease Type that increase lethality overtime and using special abilities will stop it. Leaving it alone will causing quick detection which makes it ideal for speedruns) or Nano Virus (Cure starts in the beginning but instead of making a cure it has an immune system which makes all vaccine useless instead a Kill Switch/Code is required to deactivate the disease. Using its abilities will hack the devices and slow down the process which makes it ideal for speed runs)

  3. As someone who has gotten Brutal Difficulty runs nearly complete but ruined by Greenland, I agree that Greenland is the worst country in this game

  4. I generally like to start off with just transmission and abilities, and only evolve Coughing for the first half of the game, and then start evolving once I pick up some speed. Works pretty well for me. I've gotten screwed over by Morocco more often than Greenland when doing it tbh.

  5. i start in greenland, its way easier because you infect greenland first, because you start there, so you dont have to worry about greenland

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