Island Refinement and Traveling

“I’ve lastly acquired a ticket outta this place. Time to go to different islands and purchase issues.” I’ve one other change and a brand new island; the previous island is not going anyplace.

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21 thoughts on “Island Refinement and Traveling

  1. literally why does everyone love to pile on the 'hacking' comment, one person already said it, two people said, but like 10+ people felt the need to as well…… ppl just like to rub things in huh… love the streams btw just the chat gets a bit repetitive.

  2. My boi….everybody else's Maple is their own Maple and not yours…so it makes sense that hers would not recognize you..just sayin

  3. 12 noon eastern would be awesome, you start streaming at 5am where I am so if you offset them by 12 hours I could watch live!

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