Inside The Online Spread Of Far-Right Extremism | NBC Nightly News

What was once fringe beliefs at the moment are amplified by the web together with social media web site Parler, which broadly unfold false claims that the presidential election …

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31 thoughts on “Inside The Online Spread Of Far-Right Extremism | NBC Nightly News

  1. The face of true democracy. Speaking in favor of Trump is an attack on US democracy. Maybe something is wrong with democracy ???

  2. Those Antifa guys must be pretty brave because they were willing to spend 20 years in prison just to make Trump supporters look bad. So, Antifa is clever enough to infiltrate a mob, but also complete idiots risking arrest, imprisonment, or worse.

    Nope. It was a Trump supporters.

    Also, I thought Republicans believed in people taking responsibility for what they do. When these people do something terrible – they blame others. Even Trump refuses to take responsibility for anything he does that goes wrong.

  3. If anyone that works at NBC reads this, please listen.🙏

    Trump will be gone in just a few days but the over 70 million people that voted for him will still be here.  PLEASE realize before it is to late that Trump is just one elected official, but the over 70 million people that voted for him are a significant portion of this union, and they have watched for the last four years as the media and big tech clearly chose to not accept or acknowledge there representative as being legitimate.  PLEASE realize that as your industry has shown it clearly picks side’s, and the danger is not in alienating Trump, it is in alienating the over 70 million people who voted for him to be there representative. 

    These are people that’s opinions, needs and lives have been ignored and treated with distain and contempt for long before Trump showed up.  This is probably what allowed someone like Trump to be elected in the first place.  These are the people that live in the red part of the map, in the places beyond the solid blue places in which your company and others like you operate.  PLEASE realize before it is too late. See that these people aren’t stupid, racist, uneducated white people like your industry has been trying to portray them in order to dehumanize them to make it easier to right them off.  They are normal working class people that’s wants and needs are very different than the people living in the metropolitan areas in which your companies exist and care about.  They are people who have watched as there needs and opinions have been ignored and held with distain buy your industry because your industry only seems to see what is going on in the few major metropolitan areas in which they reside.

    Right now you are watching as these people attack the government institutions that they now think “fixed” the election through voter fraud.  

    Please I beg you, before the mob that has came out of this realizes that the fix wasn’t voter fraud.  Before they realize the fix was the industry that controls are information, the industry that is controlled buy really only 6 companies located in the heavily blue parts of are country, the industry you are a part of, the industry that holds them in such contempt that they confuse there hatred for Trump for what it really is.  The total disregard for the people who voted for Trumps, wants, needs, and very existence. 

    Please I beg you acknowledge that there wants and needs deserve to be heard on a even playing field like everyone else’s, you don’t have to agree with it, just allow it the same consideration you do the people and opinions you’re industry actually cares about.

    PLEASE, because if this mob actually finally realizes the “fix” in this election is that the people who hold a monopoly on the dissemination of information, that is your industry, a industry that prevents there voices from being heard on the same playing field as the organization that voted the way your industry think they should. If that happens, the mob will no longer be at the capital.  

    The ramifications of that happening are horrible.  I like and believe in the rights and freedom of the press and do not wish those freedoms to go away.  I fear though they might if your industry doesn’t acknowledge that they have a responsible to allow opinions to be heard equally, instead of the obvious way they prefer, that is the power that comes with controlling and manipulating the narrative.  A consequence of which we have seen over the last four years to include the very election of the man your industry loves to hate the most. 

    Please I beg you to realize the horrible consequences that will happen if the mob decided to turn there anger on the six companies that have monopolized the information in are country and the only way to fix this is government intervention into these companies.  The freedom of the press is a important one that is supposed to insure that the government has a watchdog to ensure they don’t take advantage of the people.  The six companies that now control this industry and have clearly shown there capable and willing to use there power to benefit one side over the other will, and has alienated one side over the other.  

    There are now only four things to bring this situation to an end.

    1) The government steps in and brings a violent end to the protesters or riots. This will most likely further alienate and fuel more resentment from a already disenfranchised 70 million people and only make things worse.

    2) The protesters or rioters will use violence and destruction to change your industry, because they see no other way.  Also bad.

    3) they will get people elected eventually that will use the government to take over and regulate your industry. Also bad, remember you are the people that are supposed to watch out for us and keep both parties in check.

    4) I think this is the best one.  Your industry stops picking sides and allows both sides to present there wants needs and opinions on a even platform that doesn’t use there monopoly on information to control the narrative.  

    For the last time if there is anyone reading this that works for these big media and tech companies that currently dominate are information.   PLEASE I beg you, as a person that loves are country more than the parties that currently run it.  PLEASE realize that Trump is just a single man that will be leaving office soon. PLEASE realize that his existence was only allowed by the 70 million people that resent the fact that there opinions and lives have been ignored and held in contempt by your industry for years. 70 million people that will still be here after Trump is gone.  70 million people that Chose Trump because the Media and big tech industry won’t even acknowledge there problems on a even platform and allowed for A man like Trump to rise to power.  PLEASE, because there will be more Trumps if you don’t.  

    PLEASE STOP,  and realize we need your industries, now probably more than ever, and the consequences of the continued misuse of it for personal power will eventually be its destruction.  Your industry loves looking at polls and discussing there meaning.  

    PLEASE look at your polls and realize they were that bad before Trump and unless you acknowledge that we will all continue to suffer.      🙏😔😔🙏PLEASE 🙏😔😔🙏

  4. Not only parler but the most dangerous are those evengelical, preachers, pastors, self pro-claimed prophets and churches who are still using Jesus name to mislead christian into believing that Trump is God or godsend.
    And I have been warning that ever since the first day.
    These religious group had broken one of the commandment of God's rules and must be addressed immediately as these are the signs of anti-christ movement who are trying to take over america.
    All of these irresponsible group are not only helping themselves on america but even spreading the pandemic ever bigger as well.
    America have been under siege by these group and this is no joke as the ring leader is no Jesus but a demon who disguised himself as one.

  5. America was founded on high treason and insurection, and that is what it's going to take, to take our country back!
    "There's a government within the government and I don't have control"! – Bill Clinton (Ex President)
    The american people are sick of it! This is the government that needs to be overthrown. America you deserve exactly what you get! The blood has only started to flow….

  6. 1 day of fights and people in the white house or months of blm protestors destroying cities and looting all the stores and burning buildings. Yeah. All the news is liberal. Trump should have won. The other guys are so full of bs

  7. FU NBC Tell me how is it Trump can be impeached over nothing yet Biden Commits a quid pro quo on film with real evidence and can become the President of the United States with not so much as an inquiry?

  8. I’m a subscriber and will leave YouTube. Flee YouTube. We must leave due to THE PURGE from Liberal platforms.
    YouTube to Rumble
    Twitter to Parler. They are trying to ban it from Google Play and Apple stores.
    MSM/Fox News to Newsmax and One America News (OAN).
    Google Search Engine to DuckDuckGo
    Google Chrome to Firefox
    Dollar to Silver/Gold/Bitcoin
    You and I should have the courage to say to our enemies, “there is a price we will not pay. There is a point beyond which they must not advance.” former Democrat Ronald Reagan
    One commentator put it “He’d rather live on his knees than die on his feet”. former Democrat Ronald Reagan Before they delete it too.

  9. Seems to me that some of these people who went in after the initial storming are there for photo op and live streaming, another example how social media turn people to a stupid mode!!
    People will do anything for "likes", that is sad for our nation and around the world!! 🤦‍♂️

  10. 45 incompetent should be arrested his volatile words incited hordes of criminals led to the death of police officer Brian Sicknick and four other criminals

  11. Biden STOLE the election, can you brainwashed fools say FRAUD??? Go to Nations in Action and watch their latest video if you have the balls, the truth is after you pathetic cowards.

  12. I got time, delete and repost. Nations in Action is coming for you. Run cowards, the truth is after you. Pathetic lying Femocrat fools.

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