That is what it was prefer to be contained in the Capitol Hill rebel. Subscribe to VICE Information right here: Try VICE Information for …

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25 thoughts on “Inside the Capitol Hill Riots

  1. The whole problem began when Democrats refused to accept the 2016 election results….now is trump's turn to get ugly

  2. But what about the BLM and Antifa riots? Oh sorry…"fiery but mostly peaceful" protests. Different rules for different crews.

  3. At least the people at the Capital took their anger out on those they felt wronged them unlike BLM and AntiFa who were mad at the police but took most of their anger out on random businesses and bystanders who didn't do anything to them.

  4. This just shows that Trump is insecure, that he leads a mob to try to take the idea of Democracy hostage. God have mercy for the police officers that were attacked and crushed through a door. Trump must be impeached. And he should go to hell.

  5. These people killed a cop, a white cop at that! It’s ok your pardon! It was a accident. People of color, they would bring the electric chair to you!!!!!!!

  6. Oh sure,
    You want to believe Russia hacked the elections but there is no way China had any influence in the outcome of this latest elections.
    Hahaha pathetic main stream media and its followers.

  7. typical mob mentality. protests turn to riots and emotions take over. happened with BLM, happened with this. shame. it doesnt help their cause at all because a few bad apples did this now.

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