Innovation and Creativity – A Journey of Discovery

Let me introduce you to a really flat spherical plateau surrounded by steep mountains the place the Pipeds stay. Pipeds get their title from the form of their heads. Their heads are uniformly flat on the highest, with a really small bump within the center. All grownup Pipeds look this fashion. As kids, the bump is way greater and as they get older, the bump decreases to its customary grownup pip dimension.

Pipeds will not be solely well-known for his or her odd formed heads, but additionally for his or her tiforp bushes which they develop in extraordinarily straight strains. Pipeds eat tiforp fruits and nothing else. Regardless of tasting bitter to others, Pipeds discover tiforp fruit scrumptious to eat and there’s no doubting they discover them very nutritious. Guests to the plateau, particularly in the summertime, would see the darkish inexperienced tiforp bushes, every tree lower uniformly to a sq. form and planted within the straightest of strains. On the bushes, you’ll see the massive yellow flowers of the tiforp bushes. After each sixth tree you’ll see a small windmill, set with six white fabric sails, every utilizing the breezes from the encompassing mountains to deliver contemporary water to the tiforps’ thirsty roots. The plateau has regarded this fashion for a lot of, a few years and the Pipeds believed it will at all times achieve this. Having the ability to plant the tiforp bushes in straight strains and form them to excellent squares was a much-prized talent.

These days a darkish cloud had descended over the world of the Pipeds. For the tiforp fruit to develop, they want the tekram, giant bee formed bugs, to pollinate them. The tekram are notably keen on the candy nectar within the tiforp flowers. These days, the tekram are visiting the plateau in deceasing numbers. The result’s a scarcity of triforp fruit. Some Pipeds had even talked about leaving the plateau. This 12 months’s crop is the worst of all, with fewer tekram then ever coming to the plateau. With their existence beneath risk, the Pipeds convened their Council. In instances of hassle the Pipeds fall again on what they take into account is their strongest asset- their skill to plant tiforps in straight strains. They believed the tekram had been drawn to the symmetry of the planted bushes, in order that they tried to make sure the tiforp bushes are as straight and sq. as any tiforp bushes seen in Piped historical past.

Day and evening, they’ve toiled, shifting and measuring to actual limits, however to no avail. A resigned feeling now pervades the plateau and new concepts are in as quick provide because the tekram.


Not all is misplaced, for let me introduce you to a few Pipeds who haven’t given up so simply. My heroes of innovation are most unlikely characters certainly. When younger, all Pipeds are known as Pip, till they develop up after which they assume a reputation which inserts them finest. This could occur very abruptly. Their grown-up title tells you a large number. For you see, on the plateau, aside from the form of your head, you aren’t born into any specific form. Over time, experiences form you into what you might be.

Our first Piped went to mattress one evening and when he awoke within the morning and regarded within the mirror a voice in his head mentioned very firmly “you’ve gotten a shell”. That was it; he was known as Pipshell from then on. Pipshell may be very detest to take any dangers and at all times chooses the secure choice. A shell is a really secure and cozy place, so the title Pipshell appears a really applicable title certainly. Pipshell was a pleasant kind although; you may at all times rely upon him. Ask anybody within the plateau.

Pipspike was a pal of Pipshells. Now you understand how Pipeds get their names, so you possibly can most likely guess what kind of character Pipspike is. Prickly was is his nature and so it is not going to shock you to study that he resembles a hedgehog in some ways. You’ll by no means counsel any new concepts to Pipspike for he would problem and criticize each thought, at all times in a pointy and offended type of approach. This was not an issue for Pipshell, for he hardly ever took the chance of arising with one thing new anyway.

Pipbold is our third and final Piped. Pipbold lower a high-quality imposing lion like determine, together with his modern muscled physique and golden mane. Pipbold may do all the pieces. He radiated confidence. The opposite two buddies basked in his shadow and each secretly wished they may very well be like him. Pipbold noticed himself in a different way nonetheless and secretly he considered himself as an imposter, somebody large and daring on the surface, however inside, filled with doubt. Pipbold coated this up by striving to be the most effective at all the pieces. The much less safe he felt, the tougher he tried to look daring. Pipbold may by no means calm down and have actual enjoyable. Nobody within the plateau had ever seen Pipbold set free a roar of actual, deserted laughter.


Pipshell was the one who began issues off in a distinct course. As he sat and watched the senior Pipeds argue about tips on how to get straighter and straighter strains, he scratched the little bump on his head with unease; considering there was one thing incorrect about their method. All day he sat pondering, till this phrase popped into his head: you can’t remedy an issue with the identical considering that created the issue. It now grew to become apparent to Pipshell that they want to have a look at issues in a different way. Pipshell spoke to Pipbold and Pipspike about his ideas. All of them agreed, however fairly tips on how to do issues in a different way was tough for them. They weren’t used to considering from that little space of their heads the place the bumps had been. They received complications considering that approach. The flat a part of their heads at all times appeared to leap in and earlier than they knew the place they had been, they had been all considering once more about methods to make the strains straighter and bushes squarer.

In frustration, they turned their backs on one another and held their sore heads in a stony silence. Pipshell moved ultimately scratching the little bump on his head mentioned with gusto, “That is it; we do must do one thing we by no means do, to assist us see and assume in a different way, like climb the mountains above the plateau”. Doing one thing utterly completely different didn’t come simply to Pipeds. Pipsike shortly identified quite a lot of objections, saying that Pipeds by no means depart the plateau and it will be silly and harmful to take action. Pipshell shared a few of these considerations, however regardless of this, he appealed to them to contemplate going into the mountains, if just for an evening. Pipshell felt moderately pleased with himself, as he was hardly ever so outspoken and by no means made strategies to others. Fed up with sitting, Pipbold supported the concept and with the assistance of Pipshell they addressed Pipspike’s objections. They reached settlement. Subsequent day they might hike to the mountains and spend an evening there.


All three met as organized the following morning. “Nice morning”, cannot wait to get going,” mentioned Pipbold. Pipspike and Pipshell felt apprehensive, however combined with this was a way of pleasure. Pipshell stumbled just a few instances as he regarded again, in an try to achieve reassurance from a previous couple of glimpses of the fading plateau. “Listen” roared Pipbold, “We do not need any accidents do we- up and on, up and on” On they walked into the day. The trail early on was slender, in order that they walked in a line, Pipbold striding on the entrance, the muscle groups on his again rippling with intent. Pipshell was within the center and Pipspike on the tail. As they walked on, Pipbold urged them on, “up and on, up and on. Having Pipbold in direct view mile after mile, Pipshell started to watch him intently. Pipshell observed Pipbold by no means regarded round him, by no means admired the view or expressed pleasure in regards to the environment. Pipbold lower a formidable determine thought Pipshell, however there was at all times a pressure in his muscular body. For the primary time, Pipshell grew to become conscious that Pipbold was all about management and achievement leaving little or no room in his large body for enjoyable and pleasure.

As they climbed larger, the rocks and vegetation quickly modified from the acquainted panorama of the plateau. Pipshell thought in regards to the lush mushy vegetation of the plateau- “consolation vegetation” he whispered to himself. The mountain vegetation had been robust, wiry and grew in unaccustomed shapes. This newness unnerved Pipshell.

After just a few hours, they stopped for a relaxation. All of them sat and chewed their triforp fruit items in silence, as they gazed on the plateau approach beneath them. As if orchestrated by a conductor, all of them broke the silence collectively and all with the identical thought from their ponderings- “How boring the plateau seems”. All of them laughed at this. Pipspike mused, “Seeing the plateau from this view, you possibly can’t blame the tekram for not visiting us, all the pieces seems so flat and ordered.” “Sure” added Pipshell, “I at all times thought it was the easiest place on the planet and fairly excellent, however up right here with a tekram view, I agree with you Pipspike”. Pipbold recounted one of many traditions of mountain journey was to jot down down on flat pebbles any items of knowledge that got here to you as you climbed the mountains. Then defined Pipbold, you roll them down the steep slopes so travellers following you possibly can learn them and be impressed to proceed their journeys. Pipshell remembered his uncle talked about this. “Aren’t they often known as encouragement stones?” requested Pipspikie. “I do consider they’re,” mentioned Pipbold.

“Let’s comply with the custom,” urged Pipshell. Pipshell fumbled round in his rucksack and produced three crayons. “I introduced these to attract landscapes, however encouragement stones are a significantly better use I feel”. He gave one crayon to every of his companions. They had been quickly all looking for a clean oval pebble. Pipshell talked about how he wish to make up a phrase about fixing an issue by taking a look at it from one other’s or from a distinct perspective. Pipbold spoke about making an attempt to give you one thing about, how you can’t use the identical considering that created the issue to resolve the issue. Pipspike on listening to each feedback, joined in by saying, “I feel from what you each are saying, you need to write: look askew to assume anew”. “That is nice,” mentioned Pipshell. Pipspike wrote on the pebble and threw it down the mountain aspect. Because the pebble crashed towards the rocks beneath and rolled out of sight, all three felt a quiet satisfaction that they had been doing one thing moderately completely different and un-Piped like.


Earlier than too lengthy they got here throughout a deep river blocking their advance. The river ran deep and chilly and there was no technique to go round it. Pipshell regarded dejected, saying, “that is past what I can do.” Pipbold regarded critical, however asserted that he may bounce throughout it in a single mighty leap. Pipshell was unusually vocal and assertive and mentioned that if all of them had been to make it throughout, then they wanted to assume in a different way. Pipbold, seeing Pipshell’s completely different behaviour agreed and mentioned he would calm down a little bit and play with concepts. This impressed Pipspike so as to add that he could be much less essential and go extra with the circulation of concepts. Pipshell thought what he may use to cross the river. “My shell, my shell” he shouted. “After all, I may flip over on my again and float throughout.” Pipsike adopted this prepare of thought, saying, “My spines are hole, Pipbold may roll me throughout like a ball”. Pipspike and Pipshell crossed first. They reached the opposite aspect with out mishap. They jumped up and down and hugged one another furiously, boosted by the power arising from success. Pipbold flip was subsequent. He took quite a lot of steps backwards stopped and regarded intently on the river.

To his buddies on the opposite aspect of the river he regarded majestic, the solar behind him shining by his mane and giving the impression he was surrounded by a halo of invincibility. They’d little question he would clear the river. Pipbold stood nonetheless for whereas after which ran as quick he may in direction of the riverbank. Up he soared and over the river, touchdown with on the pile leaves positioned on the alternative financial institution. He pulled himself out of the water to rapturous cheering from his two buddies. They sat for some time trying on the river. Pipshell picked up a pebble and wrote on it: you’ve gotten all it’s essential to succeed. He confirmed it to the others. Understanding what it meant, they nodded in settlement. Pipshell threw the pebble throughout to the far financial institution. He hoped the encouragement stone would assist others to belief themselves extra.

For just a few hours extra, they climbed larger. As the sunshine began to fade, they determined to set camp for the evening. They discovered a safe ledge, ate their supper and settled down for the evening.


As they lay there within the darkness, the sky above them regarded very completely different. Pipshell was stunned how calm he was perched on this little ledge on a aspect of a mountain. To him, the clear stars above felt like a gossamer blanket, softly floating over him, calming all his normal fears. He had by no means seen the celebs like this, and he was even surer now that seeing issues differently was well worth the effort.


All of them arose at daybreak and after a brief stroll, they had been quickly on the summit. Right here they discovered a mound of encouragement stones left by earlier travellers. As they sat and admired they view, they learn the stones and shared their ideas. All of them agreed there could be no particular solutions to their tekram downside on the stones, however they felt the concepts of others may encourage and assist them. They needed to position an encouragement stone on the mound themselves. With Pipbold being extra relaxed, Pipspike doing much less blaming and Pipshell not including an apology for each suggestion he gave, they agreed shortly that the encouragement stone ought to learn: adverse behaviours eclipse the sunshine of inventive perception.


Their subsequent large choice was which technique to go house to the plateau. Pipshell was stunned to seek out he was suggesting they take the tougher path again house. The others readily agreed. You would possibly assume they might remorse their choice, because the river throughout their new route was wider and sooner than earlier than. Unusually sufficient, they had been happy with the problem, for it supplied them the chance to have enjoyable, work with one another and attempt to see issues in a different way. Pipbold even made all of them snort when he stood on his head earlier than the river to have a look at the issue in a different way. Pipspike responded to this frivolity by selecting up a stick, drawing a circle and declaring to everybody that there was a ban to logical, tight flat head considering contained in the circle. “Use unfastened considering “shouted Pipspike, no analysis or judgments allowed contained in the circle”.

All of them sat throughout the circle and began to scratch their head bumps. All types of concepts flowed out and Pipshell scored them out into the earth. Some had been critical and others due to the enjoyable ambiance, appeared trivial.. Pipspike then drew a big sq. contained in the circle and mentioned extra logical, tight considering was OK to make use of now, however nonetheless use unfastened considering as effectively. One critical thought was; modify the concepts used on the final crossing and one trivial one was; all hyperlink palms when crossing. Pipshell joined in and prompt that all of them hyperlink palms, with Pipspike and himself appearing as floats and Pipbold offering the ability by his highly effective leg kicks. Utilizing this method they crossed the river with ease and on the alternative financial institution sat in saturated satisfaction. “I believed us Pipheads may solely do tight considering,” mentioned Pipbold. “It was your thought Pipspike in regards to the circle that saved us away from tight considering,” mentioned Pipshell. “It is superb what you possibly can give you when permit your self to make use of this,” added Pipspike, pointing to the lump on his head. “Sure”, mentioned Pipbold, “the extra you utilize unfastened considering the extra concepts you get and the extra concepts, the extra you possibly can be part of them collectively, as we did”. “Your’e proper”, exclaimed Pipshell, “you talked about utilizing hole sticks as snorkels Pipspike and also you Pipbold mentioned stroll throughout on the river backside, so we may have joined them collectively and walked throughout on the underside utilizing sticks as snorkels.

“And “, mentioned Pipbold “as we walked we may have held palms to make the crossing even safer and simpler”. All of them laughed in concord, reflecting bodily the workforce they’d turn into emotionally. “Us Pipeds are too critical at instances,” mentioned Pipbold, “It’s the loopy concepts that usually result in new concepts”. Pipshell thought in regards to the checklist of concepts he had scratched within the dust. “You realize” he mentioned, “the extra completely different the strategies are, the extra choices you give your self, and the easiest concepts come from utilizing bits from completely completely different choices.” “Does this imply that the extra completely different we’re, the extra completely different our strategies will likely be and the higher would be the ultimate choice?” requested Pipspike. “Most likely”, answered Pipshell. They needed to go away an encouragement stone to assist others cross. On one stone, they wrote: elegant options are styled from the threads of differing choices, and on one other, they wrote: untimely analysis stifles the conception of latest concepts. “Fascinated about stifling”, mentioned Pipspike, “I feel I’m very inclined to creating plans, which is nice, however then sticking too rigidly too them, which isn’t so good”. Pipspike went on to clarify that usually new concepts or alternatives would come up, however he was so fastened on finishing up the plan, he ignored them. After a brief dialogue all of them agreed that: a grasp of adaptive considering is rarely the slave of the plan. This they agreed must be placed on one other encouragement stone.

All of them loved the way in which they arrived on the answer, so on one other stone they determined to jot down: enjoyable is the important thing that unlocks tight considering.


They had been fairly close to the plateau now, however had been reluctant to descend to the underside too shortly. They stopped on a excessive ridge, simply above the plateau, which afforded them a panoramic view of what lay beneath. As they sat, they may see the Piped Council assembly beneath. They had been sitting round 4 giant tables organized in a sq., which is the way in which the Council at all times held their conferences. “I wager they’re nonetheless debating tips on how to get straighter strains,” mentioned Pipbold. “Are you aware who’re least welcome on the assembly, however could be most helpful?” requested Pipspike. The opposite two thought for some time however couldn’t supply any concepts. “Kids” mentioned Pipspike, “kids”. “They’d have enjoyable and play with concepts and who is aware of what they could come up” Pipsike mused. The opposite two shock their heads in settlement. “Let’s be like kids now”, Pipsike loudly asserted. He picked up a stone and began writing on it. He handed it to the opposite two. They regarded bemused for some time then the sluggish change on their faces revealed they understood what Pipsike had written. On the stone was inscribed: altering your notion of the fact offered will increase your conception of concepts created. “That’s precisely what we now have been doing for the final day,” mentioned Pipbold, “our complete purpose our journey was about this,” he mentioned earnestly.

A giant smile appeared throughout Pipshell’s face as he confidently spoke out, saying, “how about doing simply that” pointing to the inscribed stone. “Why do not we think about the valley being one thing else, one thing completely completely different and let’s have a look at if we are able to use this to give you some concepts to draw extra tekram”, mentioned Pipshell. “I do know”, mentioned Pipbold, “allow us to think about the plateau is a fairground” “Nice”, mentioned Pipspike, stunned at realizing how constructive he was being. “That is how we must always go about it,” mentioned Pipbold, however he stopped, thought for a second and mentioned, “what do you assume we must always do?” Pipbold felt a wierd sort of launch, he didn’t should be the one in management and making all of the strategies and it felt good. Pipshell additionally stunned himself by taking over the chance given by Pipbold. “How about” he confidently said, “we draw a giant circle as earlier than and make this our unfastened considering space and after this we draw a sq. and use this as our tight considering space; within the tight considering space we are able to take a look at the concepts and type out which of them are sensible or not?” They agreed to do that, with Pipbold volunteering to be the scribe. To their amazement the concepts flowed out and that is what they ended up with:

Have brilliant colors all over the place

Have brilliant lights at evening

Have loud music

Make windmill sails completely different shapes

Have video games and competitions

A lot of flags and banners

Promote meals

Promote tiforp nectar flavoured candyfloss

Make windmill sails vibrant.

Being Pipeds, they needed to be cautious to not lapse into tight considering they usually had been excellent at stopping once they talked about how it will work, or what it will value or what had been the drawbacks. Even Pipspike checked himself from selecting holes within the concepts. Pipshell prompt that they draw one other circle and construct on the concepts from the primary circle, nonetheless conserving tight considering out- all of them agreed that would come later. After just a few frantic minutes, the next appeared within the subsequent circle:

Have lights at evening the identical form and color because the tiforp flower

Make the windmill sails the identical color and form as tekram

Spray tiforp nectar into the air

Have the buzzing sound tekram make fill the plateau.

They might not consider the bizarre concepts they arrived at. “Who thought Pipeds may assume this fashion”, Pipshell mentioned in a stunned tone. “What’s extra Pipshell”, mentioned Pipbold, “was how a lot enjoyable it was and the way effectively we work as a workforce”. Pipshell now drew a big sq. within the dust, prompt all of them step inside this, and use tight considering to guage which of the concepts are possible and which of them they need to drop. Plenty of dialogue happened. Most tekram journey within the first midnight, so the three determined that having lights on the bushes the identical form and color because the tekram and tiforp flowers may very well be a winner. All of them agreed that the extra they knew in regards to the tekram, their likes and dislikes, the higher the concepts they may make up.

Though Pipeds like common shapes and straight strains, they thought that having some bushes which spherical or pointed shapes would look extra fascinating to the tekram, particularly when coated with lights. The lights thought is the one they might current to the Council, because it was simple to do, didn’t value quite a bit, and would most likely deliver fast outcomes. The concept in regards to the buzzing sound additionally intrigued them. The windmills made a continuing grinding sound they usually felt positive the Piped technicians may alter this to sound like tekram buzzing. The nectar thought thrilled them, as a result of it was so completely different. They thought the sails of the windmills may throw nectar drops into the air. They would want to assume this by later.

As they sat on the ledge overlooking the plateau, a thought entered Pipshell’s thoughts. He shared this with the remaining saying, “I feel our concepts will work simply high-quality, however are you able to think about what would occur if sooner or later the tekram determined they didn’t need to come anymore”. Pipbold joined within the musing, “Or they discovered one other flower they like higher and we couldn’t develop it”. “You’re each horrifying me” mentioned Pipspike, “and the explanation I am frightened is that you simply each could also be proper”. “We would want to vary all the pieces and our Council and all Pipeds could be at a complete loss what to do, with solely tight considering as their device. They mused a little bit extra and arrived at an understanding that there’s by no means an finish or one ultimate answer, however like a carousel at a good, the world is rarely in a single fastened place. From this, they agreed that survival for the Pipeds rested upon unfastened considering, as tight considering tied you to at least one spot, whereas unfastened considering gave you the chance to maneuver away from the place you might be.

“It’s not our new concepts then,” mentioned Pipshell, “however how we received to them that are the vital issues to take again to the plateau and share”. “We should always make an encouragement plaque,” mentioned Pipbold, “to take again and provides to others”. They discovered themselves a skinny, flat piece of stone and set in regards to the activity. It was not simple to do. That is their plaque:

Look askew to assume anew

You will have all it’s essential to succeed

Unfavorable behaviours eclipse the sunshine of inventive considering

Elegant options are styled from the threads of various choices

Untimely analysis stifles the conception of latest concepts

A grasp of adaptive considering is rarely the slave of the plan

Enjoyable is the important thing that unlocks tight considering

Altering the notion of the fact offered will increase the notion of concepts created.

They had been happy with their efforts, however knew one thing vital was lacking. Pipshell supplied the reply. “I’ve by no means advised anybody this earlier than” mentioned Pipshell, “however I remedy issues through the use of head miners”. Others laughed loudly at this. Seeing that Pipshell was aggrieved by they requested sympathetically what he meant by head miners. “For those who promise to not snort I will let you know,” mentioned Pipshell. They agreed to this, placing on their critical faces to appease Pipshell. Pipshell’s lightness returned and he advised them that each time there have been questions needing solutions, he would think about there have been little miners in his mind who may, when given an issue, undergo the community of tunnels within the mind on the lookout for connections and solutions in far off corners. Pipshell assured them ultimately the miners would return with a solution, typically if you least anticipated it or if you had been relaxed, within the tub or not serious about a lot in any respect. Pipshell advised them that for him the most effective time to offer the miners an issue was simply earlier than going to sleep and by morning, an answer would pop into his head.

Pipshell assured them it at all times labored and he now trusted the miners absolutely. He did inform them nonetheless, that miners wanted one very important device to do their job and this was a clearly outlined query or downside. A fuzzy query or unclear downside definition was like a blunt device to the miners expounded Pipshell, and he went on to inform them that miners could not do their job with a blunt device. Pipshell defined that his miners had been working right now. He advised them that after crossing the river he thought in regards to the concepts they got here up about utilizing hole sticks as snorkels. Then Pipshell advised them, he thought what would occur if there have been no appropriate sticks accessible. “I used to be caught,” mentioned Pipshell, “so I gave the issue to my miners and requested them what else I may use”. “What occurred?” requested Pipbold excitedly. “Effectively” mentioned Pipshell, “nothing at first, miners want time, however after I was enjoyable on the excessive ledge above the plateau, the reply came- use Pipspikes spikes, lower the pointed finish off and you’ve got the proper snorkel”. Pipbold nodded in admiration, however Pipsike put his palms protectively round his physique and in an alarmed tone shouted out “use my spikes”. Pipshell and Pipbold laughed allowed at Pipsike’s response and really shortly, Pipspike joined them in matches of laughter. “The purpose is” mentioned Pipshell, “I belief the miners and if we belief ourselves and unfastened considering and all that goes with it then we may be as inventive as we need to be”. They agreed this was proper they usually needed to make this the final level on the plaque and wrote: belief the method. Because the final rays of daylight pale away, our three companions ultimately set foot safely again on the flat plateau.

Pipshell’s considered a future catastrophe taking place did truly happen a few years sooner or later. As so typically occurs with huge change, it had nothing to do with the tekram in any respect. A lethal virus struck the tiforp bushes and since then, no tiforp tree has grown within the plateau. Did the Pipeds survive? That I would like let you know. What I can say, nonetheless, is that within the fast years following the journey of the three companions, travellers to the plateau observed that on the entry to the plateau was a really giant plaque with the strangest of sayings on it and the Pipeds began rising far greater bumps on their heads than they beforehand had. So vital was the change that the neighbours of the Pipeds began to name them Lumpeds as a substitute. With this bit of data, I feel you’ll now be capable to determine what the eventual destiny of the Lumpeds was, when the lethal virus did strike the tiforp bushes.

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