In full: US Capitol building in lockdown as Trump protesters clash with police

The US Capitol constructing was put in lockdown, an explosive system was reportedly discovered and one particular person shot after supporters of outgoing US President Donald …

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30 thoughts on “In full: US Capitol building in lockdown as Trump protesters clash with police

  1. These people wanted, needed, and should have been heard long ago. President Trump is the first leader to listen to American people and actually produce results. The elected Reps on Capitol Hill should be ashamed of their treatment of the American people to date. What a swamp!

  2. The most competent terrorists in the world. For all their efforts and coordination, they managed to steal some furniture and take self-incriminating selfies. 👏
    Tune in next week for their mass ding-dong ditch!

  3. Social Media have silenced the TRUTH – FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS NO MORE – The CEO of Twitter Imran Ahmed a M-U-S-L-I-M has BANNED USA PRESIDENT. I’ve been banned & blocked for telling the TRUTH???

  4. what an outrageous liar and shame on sky news for allowing her to run her nasty mouth unchallenged. That 'woman' has a hatred of Donald Trump deeper than politics and news is meant to be news and unbiased not the hateful rhetoric of an evil liar.

  5. D mastermind/leader of ds Capitol bldg chaos is hiding inside WH wd full security while the Capitol Hill was being terrorized by Trump loyalists, n refused to send d Natl guards to safeguards d Capitol n d lawmakers insude. Trump is hiding coz he is COWARD not to join his loyalists. arrest d mastermind first, then his enablers before d loyalists. I bet, Trump won’t stop doing d lies n instigations. He was born wd lies n will continue doing it coz it lifts his ego n spirit. Even after 4 yrs of lies n instigations, still many GOP r still defending n supporting him. Let ds enablers resign n disaapear2gether wd Trump on 1/20/21.

  6. wow trump has a huge following I've never seen such support for one man he must ave done something to touch the hearts of so many Americans

  7. Trump storm's in like Jimmy Hoffa busten heads and taken names. Like they couldn't have stopped it and like they didn't know it was going to happen.

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