In full: PM Boris Johnson makes TV address announcing new England lockdown

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has introduced a brand new nationwide lockdown for England – with individuals instructed to “keep at house” as they did throughout March’s first …

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46 thoughts on “In full: PM Boris Johnson makes TV address announcing new England lockdown

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  2. Forward to the twentieth lockdown in 2024, after 65 million have been "infected". "We must protect the Final Million".

  3. DO NOT get the COVID vaccine!

    There is reason to believe that the COVID-19 vaccine is more dangerous-to body and soul-than we could even imagine. Do NOT receive this vaccine under ANY circumstances. For more info, visit the blog site and read the article entitled 5 Reasons to Reject the COVID 19 vaccine and share with friends and family gh

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  5. Lockdown jobs for the youth but keep schools open so teens can run around with eachother sharing lucozade bottles , nice one

  6. Boris reminds me more and more in each speech of the criminal cameron …let's hope the leaked news that all these corrupt tossers of mps in uk, europe, america have now been arrested, is true. If it is I gather it will be revealed within the next week. God Bless President Trump!!

  7. What a country wrecker this man is!!! Does he work for Russia or something? So glad I’m not british 🤣 never seen such a shambolic state in my whole life

  8. I don't think when it will be over is the issue here! We all need to stick to the government guide lines and just get on with it. Stay safe everyone! I'll give it until late Summer to ease and then we'll see…….

  9. But can immigration approve the admission for those who want to travel to Latvia 🇱🇻 for school now because of covid19

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