In full: PM Boris Johnson holds COVID-19 news briefing

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has held a Downing Avenue information briefing and has set out his hope that the present COVID lockdown would be the final due to the …

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48 thoughts on “In full: PM Boris Johnson holds COVID-19 news briefing

  1. Isn’t it ironic that the MSM post these government clips, where 99% of the comments about the government and its handling of COVID are negative. Yet the government and the MSM continue as if nothing negative has been said……in fact, like everyone is supportive. This isn’t accidental,this is a deliberate tactic to silence anyone not bought into their narrative, this is in fact fascism!

  2. As usual! It's 'The Science' against 'mis-information'. The government and its advisers could silence the many learned sceptics, who challenge the justification for lockdowns and safety of the vaccines, by engaging with them in public debate and proving their point. No prizes for guessing why they don't.

  3. The virus is completely fake and Hoax just like the planet and space. They have censorship our Creator Abba with that imaginary space and planets doesn't exist we live on a flat earth with Firmament above us separating waters from waters according to Holy Bible and Antarctica is not a continent but 360 ice wall. They have been lying to us on purpose to hide our GOD and heaven and hell. Yeshua is the Messiah.

  4. BS.. Parties in mayfair, ski resorts full, the rich on holidays, billionaires getting richer, banks being propped up again, the royals are nowhere to be seen, cops being thugs and meanwhile the elderly die alone with no loved ones to hold them… I will not comply to a bunch of murderers..

  5. 50% truth max in all that . Bloody nonsense . And as we " escape " lockdown within 2 months an announcent of a " terribly deadly " new strain will emerge yet again and we will be locked down by these muppets

  6. Why are different learning difficulties some getting the vaccine..
    Why are drug users getting the vaccine and them smoking alot getting the vaccine..
    My dad is 62 and suffers from asthma and he can't get it he's asked at his Doctors and am autistic some one is helping me with this cause I have learning disabilities.
    I haven't had the vaccine as well..
    My dad said if we start smoking and drugs we will get the vaccine
    NY dad also said Boris Johnson is just doing politics making himself look good..

  7. The main priority should b getting the NHS services back to normal not opening hairdressers allowing sports an attractions to reopen ffs

  8. It will be more lockdowns..see what's happening in Israel where already if no jab no food! They can't go supermarkets if they have no vaccine!!! This is will be next!!! Free for a month and than again lockdown so can they impose what they want!

  9. I'm not liking they way people keep on asking about minorities rejecting the vaccines asking are we going to get any information on the groups that aint interested for what ever reason.. with the way of the world and the people in it at a min personly I think its going to separate people even more

  10. Fantastic PM, Labour would not have done a better job.
    The vaccine roll out has been fantastic.
    There is light at the end of the tunnel and with the vaccine certificates we will all soon be flying around the world 🌎 again 👍
    Big cheer and around of applause 👏 for the PM for leading us through these unprecedented times 👍

  11. Ignore the lockdown. Sa.r.s Con.vid 2 has not been proven and never will be. Watch the People's Lawyer's videos on keeping your business open. Boris Johnson is an actor aka Williem Alexander of Holland. Royal actors destroy humanity public facebook group. Do not fall for his bullshit. Whilst everyone is in lockdown he is making money on his long list of properties. Watch Hidden Secrets of Money by Mike Maloney, youtube channel.

  12. Boris confident that country on track to kill another 50000 people, thanks to ongoing government incompetence, and over reliance on everyone else doing their bit.


    Koordiniertes Handeln vor Ort: Die Maßnahmen müssen auf der strategischen Ebene

    kohärent sein, sollten möglichst dezentral angepasst, umgesetzt und kontrolliert werden. Die

    Wirksamkeit der Implementierung wird in der Gemeinschaft vor Ort überprüft und die

    Ergebnisse täglich veröffentlicht. Entscheidend für den Schutz der Grünen Zonen sind ein

    sensitives lokales Frühwarnsystem, eine strikte, rasche und lückenlose Umsetzung von

    Quarantänemaßnahmen, zielgenaue Teststrategien und eine erhebliche Prozessoptimierung

    der Test-Trace-Isolate-Strategie. In Roten Zonen gelten Kontakt- und Mobilitätsbeschränkungen,
    welche der jetzigen Phase des Lockdowns ähneln.

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