In full: Matt Hancock announces more areas to go into Tier 4

Tens of millions extra persons are going through tighter restrictions after Well being Secretary Matt Hancock introduced an extension of Tier Four guidelines in England. Full checklist of areas …

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45 thoughts on “In full: Matt Hancock announces more areas to go into Tier 4

  1. Look at this guy what a total fraud, pushing his agenda alone making millions why British business go down the pan, people on the edge breakdown, poverty and this little prck standards there like a roller.

  2. A workmate of mine once said "never trust a man with no chin". That was 30 years ago.Must have had a premonition about Hancock!

  3. It’s ok to get corona virus at work, working for a big corporation amongst 1000s of people but not ok to mix with a handful of friends so providing your oiling the global corporate engine it’s ok to get ill and die!

  4. Who gains by the viruses, vaccines, etc., besides for the obvious eugenics depopulation agenda & removal of natural rights, in preparation for the great tribulation period of the antichrist?

  5. One person with covoid in local hospital nightingale hospital none..I have not met one person with it.i do however know people with common cold gone to chest have died…I am forced have vaccine cos daughter in residential home.if I want see her not happy about this

  6. bruh matt hancock looking fine 😃😃😍😍😙😙😜🥰😜😽💋💋💋💄👰‍♀️ i’m finna wife myself up for himmmm ❤️❤️❤️ don’t get it twisted 🖕🖕😜🤣

  7. The right actions are: open every public places, let people do their daily activities, lockdown the elders, live normally, and stop all travel restrictions. Lockdown will make more people die because of depression and all economic opportunities will gone away, and will turn into massive bankruptcy and total poverty.

  8. just popping in to read comments then off got to cook get things ready for my new years eve party have a good one all.

  9. Remember that film were the guys brain was cooked in a microwave, not deadwood. And yet the TV can't do that again>?

  10. Why has Matt Hancock not resigned. He has built the nightingale hospitals, locked everyone up, spent billions on ppe. It has got worse not better. Not even stayed the same.
    Enough enough, let's get a health secretary that can change this.
    Boris sack him.

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