In full: Boris Johnson announces 3rd UK national Covid-19 lockdown

BORIS Johnson has tonight ordered everybody in England to remain at residence till mid-February as he launched an emergency shutdown to try to save Britain’s …

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49 thoughts on “In full: Boris Johnson announces 3rd UK national Covid-19 lockdown

  1. Boris Johnston cannot announce a "3rd UK national Covid-19 lockdown". He can only announce a lockdown for England. The devolved administrations, i.e. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, are responsible for the lockdown arrangements in their own countries.

  2. The date is september 16th, 2061
    Boris Johnson has announced tier 71.
    You cant talk, cant move, cant blink, cant have light in your house, and most importantly..

    we must contain the virus

  3. WE NEED BETTER MEASURE OF PREVENTION HARDER REINFORCEMENT OF THIS RULES. I work in a shopping mall and there was no such thing as social distancing, as I noticed many people wre wearing masks, but in foodcourts there was no separation between tables, not even 2m. Shopping centeres are always full also to them some rules do not apply, as I talk to small bussiness that they need a lot of things to be done in order to operate while rich corporate don’t give a dam about anything but money and profit.

  4. Just admit you screwed up Boris instead of locking us down, this makes you 5% less at fault

    Us university students are in limbo again, the only time we matter is when you are blaming everything on us!

  5. Covid is a virus its not a disease. A disease is what you do to people after you lock em down. cause/effect

  6. EVERY virus has strains, do you think we are idiots! catching it is not the same as killing folks… LIES and more LIES. Deaths sadly are typical for the flu for this time of year, this vaccine DOES NOT stop you catching it or transmission, more LIES..

  7. There is a post on YouTube of Boris actually telling the truth, search for his speech at the General Debate 74th Session , I think it was 2019. This I found chilling.

  8. That is not a world leader. It’s pre recorded isn’t it? Nicola sturgeon gave her statement live and opened up to questions from members from different parties.

  9. They wait until people will feel completely desperate without job etc and then easily will accept the injection to stop the lockdown. It’s not a covid it’s another world war, environment invigilation !

  10. This guy and his entourage do NOT do anything at all to make life enjoyable and make the UK a fun place to live regardless of covid19,anything that anyone enjoys,they tax it or put a stop to it.Remember that next time your voting.

  11. "You have no rights, you have temporary limited privileges".
    "It's a powerful club, an you aint in it, you ain't even invited"
    -Goerge Carlin

  12. His hair is really massed. His face looks pale. He should get some sleep instead of inviting the virus into UK. Amen+

  13. I wonder how many times people have posted this.

    He be like:
    "We are going into another lockdown stay home"
    I'm like:

  14. umm boris theres a social worker sending me to school i dont know way help me the school is open but theres no one going to school but i have to help meee

  15. Getting really boring people don't understanding going like every think go back normal l have learning disabites my karen anne Louise medcraft from Grace eyes with staff same way

  16. I'm putting this out there 95% of the people who have died or have been hospitalised with “covid” tested positive to having either a flu shot or covid injection within 28 days. prove me wrong.

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