In Conversation: Clive Bates (Director, The Counterfactual) – VIDA News Live

On this clip from VIDA Information Reside, Senior Correspondent Dom Garrett sits down with Clive Bates, the director of The Counterfactual – a consulting and advocacy …

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One thought on “In Conversation: Clive Bates (Director, The Counterfactual) – VIDA News Live

  1. Why is harm reduction in the field of tobacco not as embraced as it is in other fields?
    Partially because the tobacco business is basically owned by the governments. It's because of the obscene amount of money that's at stake. We are not talking millions here, we are talking billions. Vapor products are a disruptive technology and a huge threat to public health and the pharmaceutical industry. They are the most powerful forces behind the war on vaping. Opposite to Mr. Bates I think that there are a lot of people who don't want smokers to quit. Public health has become so dependent on the money they receive for fighting "against" tobacco that succeeding in this fight is the greatest threat to them. And then there are the ideological fundamentalists who won't accept anything but "quit or die". There is Bloomberg who is working on eliminating the competition before his own e-cigarette "Hale" hits the market. He seems to think that smokers don't have the right to quit smoking with an e-cigarette that's not registered as medical device. "Hale", of course, will be exactly that.

    BTW, I grew up in an environment where many people were quite "enthusiastic" alcohol users, as Clive puts it. I'd use other words, for me they are alcohol-abusers. To me alcohol is the worst, most dangerous drug on earth. It's damaging to the whole body, especially the brain. Thousands of kids die every year because of alcohol abuse. However, this is my personal view and it doesn't give me the right to demand alcohol to be banned. These people should really solve their own problem and leave us with ours alone!

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