Improve at REBIRTH ISLAND! Warzone Tips! (Warzone Training) #3

Enhance at REBIRTH ISLAND! Warzone Ideas! (Warzone Coaching) #Three I made this sequence with Newer gamers and intermediate Warzone gamers in thoughts. My objective is …

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43 thoughts on “Improve at REBIRTH ISLAND! Warzone Tips! (Warzone Training) #3

  1. The CONS about landing at the prison sight is that enemies can infiltrated from each direction. Personally I anticipate which direction the enemy will come from, and at the end of the circle, they usually come from the top of prison….😉

  2. I think you should mention that after a kill, the mini-map for a moment, will show the location of teammates. I don't know how or why people don't know this already, but when I play as or with randoms many don't know.

  3. I hate the resurgence mode of this map man u kill 2 the last one either runs or hides in a corner with claymors till his team comes back! The mini royal mode of this map is fun AF tho!

  4. I like how easier and more fun rebirth is. and there's more gun fights and close ranged gunfights. the whole coming back to life thing is cool because you can be aggressive knowing you can come back. I use this game mode to test load outs. this is the easiest mode for wins, and the onlyy mode I'm fine to run with randoms

  5. I sometimes let them self rez because they start with a small amount of health when they get up. It takes less bullets to down them again than it is to finish them off. Plus it's fun to aggravate them.

  6. Just got back 2 back wins on rebirth island, not due to this video but because I’ve been binge watching your channel for months and I was cracked out of my mind. Best warzone channel period.

  7. Honestly some of the slowest games of rebirth I've ever seen. First vid, my guy, you gotta work on reaction time and what enemies look like.

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