Impeachment: House Democrats Charge Trump With Incitement of Insurrection

Home Democrats Monday launched a decision to question President Donald Trump for a second time, establishing a vote this week until Vice President Mike …

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32 thoughts on “Impeachment: House Democrats Charge Trump With Incitement of Insurrection

  1. The most important thing is to make an example of trump that the people are in control not government and that only because your in position of power, there will be consequences for actions .

  2. Maxine Waters..” get in their face, tell them they aren’t welcome anymore”. DemocRAT party has incited violence and burning and looting for the last nine months.

  3. I will treat their president just like they treated mine! I will never accept Joe Biden as a legitimate president because he didn’t win a legitimate election. He won an election that was unconstitutional. Governors and state Supreme Courts do not have the power to change election laws 3 days before the election. Only state legislators have that power as clearly stated in the constitution. I have supported every president that’s been elected in the last 40 years but not this one. I’ve never seen such massive amounts of fraud and lawlessness.

  4. Don't forget that these people are the same people that say kneeling is disrespectful. They urinated and defecated in the same building John F. Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and most of our leaders stood while representing ALL Americans. George Washington laid the cornerstone in 1793. This is NOT Trump's House! This IS the People's House. All of us, NOT just some of us, have paid, and are still paying, for that house and OUR votes count just as much as everyone else's.

  5. pelosi is what the mind of a worthless hateful person looks like… lead by her none stop insanity thinking that what she says is of any worth. Time to throw in the towel pelosi, your time has come.

  6. A stop this stupid crap. Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and Schiff are proven to be evil liars. Stop this. You all know President Trump did not incite violence. All big tech concerning banning Trump is making all subjective decisions. They never can state any sentence like “I want you to riot.” Anybody can put their own spin on any issue and sentence ever uttered. You are all childish liars and are irresponsible. They should be thinking of the country’s business and not be worrying about satisfying their insane hatred. I don’t think God likes hatred and vengeance. “Love your neighbor.” “Vengeance is Mine, says the Lord.” All Catholic Christians, all other Christians and all Jews have learned of these two statements from the Old Testament. Maybe they all have dementia and don’t remember because they are too old. Maybe when Dr. Emanuel takes over, who thinks 75 is old enough, they will be eliminated from health care along with Dr. Emanuel.

  7. Looks like Pelosi's laptop was snatched up by special forces who were hidden amongst the crowd at the capital fiasco. A Lt General has said that based on what is on the laptop, there is good reason for Pelosi to be in a panic and lashing out. Get your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show. This is gonna get interesting.

  8. They are afraid. There isn’t anything that would persuade me to support any Democrat. Ever. They are downright evil. Self serving hypocrites. Go Trump👍

  9. Pelosi, When do you plan on starting impeachment actions on sleepy Joe. That seems to be the only thing you know how to do. We all know Biden took money along with his son from Ukraine and China. You can't ignore this.If you aren't going to do anything about it then I believe we have 75 million people who will have something to say about it.

  10. President Donald Trump is the best President ever (EVER) and the POS Democrats and the Sorry ass Big Tech companies are just so scared and jealous of him and his winning that the sorry Fkrs had to lie, cheat and steal. God will Punish you.

  11. Really? WTF is wrong with these idiots? As punishment for an attempted coup, insurrection and assault on congress and the Vice President of the United States he should have a letter of warning put into the record? WTF!

  12. Funny how the people who have been trying to lead an insurrection for the last four years have the gall to accuse anyone else of trying to lead an insurrection. Pot meet kettle.

  13. Pence is a man of no honor if he won’t use his power on 25th amendment to show his integrity and show his personal intentions with integrity and to protect America

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