IKEA ISLAND TOUR | Animal Crossing New Horizons

Are you able to BELIEVE this IKEA island Animal Crossing heaven?!??!? This has been such a singular and wonderful island tour, and it really makes me wish to go to …

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38 thoughts on “IKEA ISLAND TOUR | Animal Crossing New Horizons

  1. This island makes me want to succumb to the tears of assembling IKEA furniture… anyone else? 😂💙📦💛

  2. Okay but even the little details like the grouping of lounge furniture in the self-serve warehouse section, because they know you probably just walked a mile in their store & need a break, is accurate. The dedication to this idea is insane.

  3. I think you forgot to show the bathroom showroom area…it was right after the cafe. You went from the cafe to the more detailed item area.

  4. Yooooo after watching your island tour I was thinking to myself like "BRO! Why didn't I think of this?!" I absolutely love IKEA!! Such a stunning island and I love the originality of your island concept!!

  5. Amazing island but also made me realize how much different furniture there is yet I keep getting the same DIYS and items over and over… :/ wish acnh would fix that

  6. this video was actually helpful bc im trying to make a denny's with one of my houses, so its good to see all of the different furniture options!

  7. This is such a cool island! It is just so unfortunate that whenever an island is fully decorated the game starts dropping frames 😩 My pirate theme island was 90% complete but the lag made the game unplayable for me. Now I’m starting a new island with a more natural scenery and minimal items (boring).

  8. Wow this island is just something else! 😍 I am obsessed with your island tour videos keep up the amazing work. I would love to see a tour of your own island for a future video. 💕

  9. I need to take notes for my Sweden area of my Hetalia themed island. Cause he has a obsession with IKEA(I wonder why?????)

  10. I used to work at IKEA & I am in shock at how accurate this is to a real IKEA floor plan!!! Bravo. Easily my favorite island I’ve ever seen! Wish there was a section for Småland😂❤️

  11. Me the entire video:
    woah I want that piece of furniture!
    I didn't know that came in multiple colors!?!
    I NEED that!!

  12. and i am watching this video at a desk purchased from ikea, next to a bunch of drawers purchased from Ikea, underneath a shelf purchased from Ikea LMFAO

  13. Lol you are repeating yourself whole video. How fun, oh cute, so much variation. But love the video. also where is my ikea hotdog 👀

  14. I am sitting in front of two IKEA Kalyan shelving units. If you’re not hip to the Kallax— I cannot recommend it enough. I have nine in my house.

  15. Omg this is such a brilliant island! The owner has some serious design skills and patience to get all the different variety of items… Makes me feel sad knowing how much I want but don't have! 😂

  16. Anytime I'm stuck without any idea to design my island, I will definitely visit this IKEA island to shop some ideas 🤣🤣🤣

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