Iceland Volcano Erupts For First Time in 6,000 Years | NBC News

A volcano simply 20 miles from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, has erupted for the primary time in 6000 years. The Fagradals Mountain volcano lies in a distant valley on a …

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43 thoughts on “Iceland Volcano Erupts For First Time in 6,000 Years | NBC News

  1. Last night I read Isaiah 64 1-4 and I thought of God getting ready to do the things that He said eyes have not seen and ears heard since the world began. I read of how Isaiah hoped God would burst forth from the skies and come down, how the mountains would quake at his presence,
    The consuming fire of his glory would burn down the forests and boil the oceans dry. The nations would tremble before him, and the enemies
    would learn the reason for his fame. When I read this I thought of a volcanic eruption of great proportions. Is this then signaling a warning that
    his presence is being felt as he gets ready to do his thing in America and by extension the world? We need to get serious. too many earthquakes
    this year, bible prophecy is bang on. The alarming TRUMPET of Donald his modern cornerstone has been sounded and reverberated around the globe, Prophets are
    prophesying daily and informing. Strongholds in America are being exposed and coming down. The pandemic has been prophesied in Isaiah 22:2, it's warning to fill the lamps with oil and get ready to meet the bridegroom when he comes, otherwise the ark door will be closed and
    sadly regret and shame will have no remedy for the unbelieving believers.

  2. You can look up US geological earthquake detector actually interesting to learn of somthing like this way before the media gets a hold of it

  3. I really wish u MORONS would do ur research ! The last time it erupted was 800 yrs ago. It erupted back in the yr 1300

  4. Ahh, the sins of the father…the dinosaurs should have never allowed fracking or driven V8 anythings, if only they’d reduced their carbon footprints we wouldn’t have this. SMH.

  5. Loads of fun comments here.. most of them trivial. Aside from all that, I’d like to point out something that occurred here in Leilani Estates, Pahoa, Havvai’i the flows of 2018, and in Kapoho, Havvai’i in 1960 before that.

    “No need to evacuate people as the flows are small”..

    Yeah.. see now that’s how it always starts..


  6. Haha weird how the show a helicopter flying over something so irrelevant but won’t fly a helicopter over what’s happening in TX

  7. Meanwhile… The Biden Administration is failing the American people, but let's just watch the pretty lava flow.

  8. This unprovoked act of Global Warming must stop! We need more Volcano Control Laws to keep people safe. Or at least an Executive Order from Biden for violating the Green New Deal.

  9. I didn't know we're had records of eruptions going back 6000 years. How else would they know when it last went off? Radio metric dating has many flaws and assumptions.

  10. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration just threw away 1.9 TRILLION DOLLARS of our money, on Democrat bailouts and pet projects.

  11. Meanwhile at the US/Mexico Border… a real crisis, a real news story is being created but ignored by this fake news network.

  12. Please repent and ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins He’s coming back soon and time is almost out He loves you God Bless!

  13. Woah I wonder what happens if people start believing in god and sat down🤓 you think maybe just maybe we can rest for 1 day?

  14. Now thats global warming / climate change the old fashioned way, Mother Nature. Look at the Carbon footprint of that. Something Nature has been doing all on her own for Billions of years. So all the Climate change people can go back to sleep now.

  15. Even the unpronounceable volcano knows it's the end. Don't let the future archaeologists know that civilization was destroyed by Politically Correct foolishness.

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