I Tried To Make A Volcano Jelly Island Cake • Tasty

Katie tries to make a volcano jelly island cake! Take a look at kitchenjournal_bykalpana on instagram or fb for extra of her cool desserts: …

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40 thoughts on “I Tried To Make A Volcano Jelly Island Cake • Tasty

  1. You give the link of Kalpana but why you had to add more gelatin if you think she made perfect island cake ,I mean you took the same ratio as Kalpana did

  2. When i watched thumbnail i was like *wait what its same like NINO'S HOME cake😂*then i read comments and no one wrote😑💔
    Point:who came from thumbnail thinking its NINO'S HOME ONES….!!!???Like👇🏻👇🏻❤️❤️

  3. I think it's the pan for the leakage these look like the springform pans I have and they're terrible you should also add agar instead of American gelatin too it's japanese gelatin and it's thicker than american gelatin and stronger it would also help if you're surround by high temps if you've ever been to a Chinese buffet and they have jello that's what makes it so thick we have one here and it's reached 100 degrees in the summer time never seen it melt I suggest watching Emmy made in japan's video her cake came out great she just didn't have the dried ice idea

  4. Wow! U are so creative! I think this is what tasty channel is about. Everyday we learn new skill about baking cooking or decorating a cake

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