I Performed With A PRO REBIRTH ISLAND Participant and he was TOO GOOD Observe me on Twitch ➤ Be part of my Discord …

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21 thoughts on “I Played With A PRO REBIRTH ISLAND Player And He Was TOO GOOD

  1. Rebirth Island is so much more fun than Verdanks in my opinion. Straight into action and the respawn element makes it much more interesting than the gulag or looting for eons of time only to get sniped by some sweaty roof camper.

  2. I got a 1.52 in this tap in I’m tryna hit 200 wins! Twitch: Drinksaki pull up on me and I’ll add your activision

  3. Eww pizza hut is terrible there is a video online showing the vats they make the sauce in and they have mold caked on them never eating pizza hut again besides that the sausage always smells off

  4. I love this mode. Sometimes you be winning and don't even realize you killing the last person because the game went so fast and the pressure is so not as bad as verdansk.

  5. I feel your face through this whole video. I can't stand playing rebirth. There is next to no strategy, and a random around every corner. Might as well play multiplayer.

  6. I can't stop commenting lol but you'll definitely improve your game a lot faster playing more rebirth than verdansk. Keep the rebirth videos coming bro!

  7. Lol that was me. Two favorite streamers comment. Blew my mind when he was like " yeah expel is supposed to be on in 10 min" I had no idea you two even knew each other…

  8. If anything @Expel, verdansk makes me sleepy since it can be slow paced. I'm so frustrated playing on rebirth that I feel jacked lol

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