I Made Some Amazing Discovery's Today!!! CHECK THEM OUT!!!

i went on a 6 mike kayak run to seek for historical past mendacity on the underside of the river at present and i discovered some wonderful discovery’s test it out!!

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24 thoughts on “I Made Some Amazing Discovery's Today!!! CHECK THEM OUT!!!

  1. Hey man, just found your channel and it's sweet! I do a lot of fishing on the MO river in STL but I'd like to start hunting arrowheads too but I have no idea how to get started and feel like a lost cause when I'm trying to look for them. If you ever have the time, a beginners guide on arrowhead hunting would be sweet! Keep up your awesome work! New sub

  2. Congratulations you found some mighty fin artifacts. I envy you lol. Wow I am amazed at what you find. We called it Arrowhead hunting you find them so easy love all your petrified goodies. God Bless you 🙏🙏🙏🌻🌻🌻

  3. Just sent an arrowhead to vogus prosp. in Australia. Nice video bro, and some real nice arrowheads. Perfect ones are real hard to find. Regards. JJ

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