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9 thoughts on “I Kinda Failed But I Made A Good Discovery On The John Deere Two-Cylinder MC Crawler!

  1. Keep up your great work? I live straight east of New Paris about 25 miles, we got parts for our Old John Deere’s there

  2. Excellent video, glad truck axle working excellent to and sometimes some parts are fun to fix also looking forward next videos how make on both tractors fix ups too!

  3. when I did my 1953 ford I reused the 6 volt coil, it seemed to work fine. At first I had a ballast resistor to cut it back to 6 V, then it failed and I ran it 12 volts. the coil and points never failed. Wilson is a great part of your crew.

  4. Very cool that the hydro pump will be an easy addition! Penn got a kick out of Wilson trying to get into the box on the crawler. Lol
    Thank you Doug for helping out with the rear end project! THUMBS UP!

  5. I was looking for a set of 12V coils to put in my old Delco Generator on my MT.. I don' run lights… so the low charging is enough for me.. and keeps the original Generator aesthetic..

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