I Found A HIDDEN CHEST On MY FRIENDS ISLAND! (Minecraft Skyblock)

I Discovered A HIDDEN CHEST On MY FRIENDS ISLAND! In case you loved this video, watch extra right here: …

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40 thoughts on “I Found A HIDDEN CHEST On MY FRIENDS ISLAND! (Minecraft Skyblock)

  1. Jelly Josh put your resources at a different island if you build behind the community chest there will be your resources.

  2. Josh took your diamonds from your attic you forgot to close it he put them and turtle town at the cobblestone thingy that's made out of cobblestone

  3. As much I want the prank to work but they will not have much progress so infront of josh built a bridge a very long one

  4. JELLL!!! slogo stole your water and put it like 200 blocks in the way of the community chest farm on your sky block
    ps: turn your render distance up

  5. Jelly to find you lava and liquids you need to go to dhe chest that you take the grinder loot and go 60 block or more straight

  6. Jelly I am your snitch your water on the mob grinder go left so many blocks you will find water that josh try to hide I am not clickbaiting you

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