I Didn't Leave An ISLAND For A Week In DayZ!

On this video I try to survive on skalisty Island, my aim is to construct a base. Is it attainable? Do i’ve what it takes to outlive? Discord …

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42 thoughts on “I Didn't Leave An ISLAND For A Week In DayZ!

  1. Not the longest video, Theres only so much looting i can include 😬, Hope you enjoy though. Any ideas for future challenges?

  2. I have been on the island 1 time when I was a noob… I spawned near it and I thought lets go. I died because I was cold and it got night time 🙁

  3. As someone who likes to play solo and avoid pvp when possible I always liked skalisty 😂.
    It is a good place though better than most people think. I always find a gun there.

  4. Did those vanilla loot spawns save you ^__^ nice video tho i like people who use some creativity in dayz videos as oppose to gay as pvp all the time.

  5. Few months back I lived there for about 3 weeks, it's easy to live there permanently, a chicken always spawns, the zombies usually carry food and you can fish, also the water fountain, guns I've found there have been sks, shorty, mosin, and even tundra, all rifles have been scoped or unscoped.

  6. Three years ago when I first got Dayz I Spawned at Kamy And the first thing I did was swim to that island and jump off the radio tower

  7. Next set of challenges: check on every past challenge base you've had since the wipe and upgrade them as much as you can. The goal is to make an un-raidable base.

  8. A lot of good loot there. Went there once . Got a tundra a mozin. Ammo etc. Your first run . Someone had been there recently. Like last 4 or 5 hours

  9. So cool ,far from the average video of the game. So much killing and hate in most. This is refreshing I mean really refreshing.

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