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44 thoughts on “I BUILT A SKYBLOCK Island ABOVE My Friends HOUSE! (Minecraft TROLL)

  1. Hey jelly,I have speed on slogoman and I have learnt that on you skyblock slogoman
    Has placed a pressure plate with TNT under it to troll you

  2. Jaggery Ice and strain on slow go slow go find your skyscraper and he knew what help with inside the entrance preparation got it and then place the place to Blow Your skysilk next episode don't go in your house just just how out of the court and very very far away nobody can find you please you cannot be a pro login please please I am go I am go you can call me x also by that only I can tell you to go size in I just take I saw the channel

  3. Jelly!
    Be careful,once u enter back in ur house ,slogo trolled u!
    He kicked u out from his house and put a chest in ur house and he put all the items from ur bedroom in his house and at the back of the chest there is a pressure plate and there is a tnt below it!

  4. Jelly! Josh has put a preasure plate behind a chest where he gave all your green stuff there is a tnt under the preasure plte

  5. Jelly slogo is troling on your cowtown skyblock iland their will be a chast bhind there will be a Prasherplat down it will be a TNT

  6. jelly!! Slogo saw your to do list and he is trying to prank you!!!theres a chest in front dont jump over it theres a pressure plate behind be careful I dont want you to lose your epic cool looking house.From:Fan

  7. Hey jelly watch out slogo saw your skyblock house and took your tnt and he took some wood from you and he made a plank and put the tnt inside of your house it's in the bed

  8. Jelly this a warning beacost slogo troll you on your bed with tnt plesure plat end you kicked out to slogo house

  9. Jelly I know the best troll ever grab craners diamonds put them in joshis house then trap it and make Josh have the blame

  10. Jelly slogo put tnt and pressure plate in your house you cant really see it if you dont pay attention but pls becareful if. Break it if you see it

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