I BROKE INTO THE SECRET DISNEY VAULT!! | Five Nights at Treasure Island 2020 (Part 4 – ENDING)

I BROKE INTO THE SECRET DISNEY VAULT!! | 5 Nights at Treasure Island 2020 (Half 4 – ENDING) Watch me LIVE on Twitch!

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41 thoughts on “I BROKE INTO THE SECRET DISNEY VAULT!! | Five Nights at Treasure Island 2020 (Part 4 – ENDING)

  1. Basically for anyone that doesn’t understand, Hourglass (night 6 monster) corresponds to the starting points of the other suits. Cam 5&8 are where Undying (Mickey suit) and Goofy start therefore, hold your breath. Camera 9 is where Face starts therefore you turn off the light. All the other cameras are where all the others start therefore shut off a camera. This is for people who do not understand what this all means.

  2. If I lose do I restart night 6 because if so I will throw my computer out the window if that is the case! Me: yea ok…?

  3. I actually almost got in trouble for talking about the casting call. I auditioned for a secret character and I joined the server not knowing Nocturna wanted to keep the cast a secret so I ALMOST ruined that. So glad I didn't reveal that cast list because not it's a grand ol' surprise I almost ruined.

    Heh… your welcome, Salmon.

  4. 2:25

    I never thought I'd be afraid of a game Sam plays at night.

    It's 3:08 AM right now and I'm kinda afraid to lay with my feet hanging over the bed or even let the bottom NOT touch something I trust like the bed. That's impressive.

  5. Comedy and I understand he smiles or no oh I know and assigning bright in the stars on any one in the name and surname

  6. I must say I feel rather jealous, not many managed to beat that 6th night or some other people don't even bother on trying it, I try to like 30 times, and I never managed to get past 4 a.m. So my respect to you for beating that night

  7. I'd love to see Sam play through classic mode and the custom night, characters there are also pretty amazing as well

  8. I don’t know if anyone has said this but the way you were supposed to be able to figure out how to deal with night 6 thing, was to remember where the ORIGINAL characters started like goofy being in the bathroom area so if he started there you would sit still. If he started in cam 10 you would shut off a cam since P.N Micky starts there and so on.

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