I Became Lego Island Speedrunner…

Jameskii Ruins and Speedruns Lego Island 1 I STREAM HERE LIVE – Subscribe and activate the notifications! NEW MERCH …

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38 thoughts on “I Became Lego Island Speedrunner…

  1. im subbed to this channel on mobile and tried to look up the channel on pc but nothing came up, so i had to look up lego island. I've been subed to u for about two years

  2. james, next time you decide to play LEGO Island, use the software LEGO Island Rebuilder, it'll make the games framerate better and fix turning so it doesn't seem so quick and loose. it'll also replace the compressed music tracks in the game with higher quality remasters.

  3. will you do Lego Island 2 any% or 100%?, my friend used to hold the world record for LI2 100% but it was recently taken from him

  4. Imagine you’re in a room, alone, then this starts happening and behind you a door creaks open.
    Then….. you hear… “Árę ŷøù rèádÿ to łèåvę”

  5. The reason it turned so fast James is because the turn speed was based off the FPS meaning you would need to somehow lock the FPS to like 30 to play without that problem. Please like so he can see this

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