Hyderabad | Huge Lorry Accident In Uppal | Telangana Latest News | Sakshi TV

Uppal #UppalLorryAccident #Telangana #TelanganaLatestNews #SakshiTV Enormous Lorry Accident In Uppal Watch Sakshi TV LIVE …

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27 thoughts on “Hyderabad | Huge Lorry Accident In Uppal | Telangana Latest News | Sakshi TV

  1. Lorry drivers drive day and night….they hardly get any sleep in addition to this liquor consumption makes it worst…give 2 days week off and ban liquor sale to save lives

  2. Prathioka vayakthi em alochinchi a encident jarigipincharo kani chesevala intlo prathiintlo famili untadhi koncham alochinchi adugu veyandi adhi bhagavanthuni sthanam hariom

  3. lorry accident aa leka hindu temple meda kutra enni rojuluga lendi eppudu kottaga enti atu ap lo etu tg lo CBI ENQUIRY CHEYANDI ONLY

  4. Please don't mind everyone simply think that in that way only two autos will go thats only grate thig y that dcm parked if dcm stood means no other heavy vehicle cannot go because that road is too short i think that dcm driver made the mistake by parking on the road

  5. Advice to public that not to built templels on middle of the road.gid is Every where. The temple built in middle of the road and it is not possible to view while coming from Habsiguda.
    To avoid this type of accidents change the temple location some peaceful location.

  6. Actually I Feel heavy vehicle allowed in the day time due to that lost one life heavy vehicle are driving so fast that I feel so hurt that it was faced me too

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