HW News – Cyberpunk 2077 Lawsuits, RTX 3050, Intel Told to Spin-Off Fabs, PlayStation 5 Sales

{Hardware} information is again. CDPR is dealing with Cyberpunk 2077 Class Motion complaints, Intel is getting ‘encouragement’ to separate fabrication and design, Ps 5 …

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34 thoughts on “HW News – Cyberpunk 2077 Lawsuits, RTX 3050, Intel Told to Spin-Off Fabs, PlayStation 5 Sales

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    Small typo: It's "USB 3.2 Gen2x2 SuperSpeed USB 20Gbps Type-C Interface," not USB 3.2 Gen2x2 SuperSpeed USB 20GBps Type-C Interface" for the on-screen text.

  2. You gotta love the irony that CDPR get a lawsuit thrown at them, but Bugthesdas years of not delivering on promisses gets a pass. Guess american made has special privileges

  3. I'm sorry, but WTF is going on? Why are we still doing 4GB of VRAM in 2021?


  4. "Intel Told to Spin-Off Fabs", yeah I think I debated this point with people here when Zen 2 came out and how they should have simply make a contract with TSMC way back then. If they did they'd now be on at the min. 7nm, and probably 7nm+ or advanced node and probably getting ready to release 5nm, and they'd have an advantage over AMD CPUs, or at LEAST be at the same level of performance, core count, and power consumption. I think I said something like, if Intel was still on 14nm when AMD is about to go to 5nm, it's almost game over. Recently AMD already took over the lead in desktop. Within the next couple of years they'll have a majority of HEDT, and a bigger chunk of the laptop market, and will have probably moved up to 15 – 20% of the server market.

    MAYBE the TSMC fab that's being built in the US is mostly for Intel? Who knows. AMD might have already contracted with TSMC for much of that fabrication since it's 5nm and AMD is probably planning on boosting its production.

  5. It would be very nice and very appreciated by their subscribers if all Youtube reviewers gets together and run some kind of anti scalping campaign, Because it looks more and more like Scalping is here to stay this time for longer term and and give manufacturer another excuse to raise their computer hardware prices.

  6. Considering that 1050ti was $139, a $150 rtx 3050ti with performance equivalent to an rtx 3070 could become the go-to gpu this generation.

  7. They want to guarantee US supply of electronics by.. making Intel spin off their vertically integrated fabs… riight… 'activist hedge fund' is as stupid as it sounds I guess

  8. Ehm.. where's the 'Lapis Lazuli-blue' organic formed coffee-mug??! Ain't that much of a fan, then it comes to the white/black'ish squair mug

  9. 4:11 why don't you just do pre-orders on your popular merch so you know how many to actually order?
    Sure, sold out is good for you because you aren't sitting with aging stock, but it's bad for the people who would like to support you with a merch purchase and have the item to enjoy.

  10. Anyone who can help me about my motherboard crosshair 8 hero there’s no displayport how can i connect it to my monitor..its my first time buying this motherboard hope you understand…

  11. On the Rosen file, it's important to say that CDPR suffered reputation damage because it's an investor lawsuit. Other than they released the broken game knowing their reputation would suffer, if you just see that point (3) as CDPR reputation suffers means investors are negatively affected, and then prove that they knew the game was in this bad state, all the 4 points made can be tied together which would mean more damage was done to investors (because CDPR knowingly released an unplayable game didn't just affect sales, but it affected CDPR reputation in such a way that investors were affected too, so they can claim even more damages).

    At least that's how I see it. It's not completely taken out of a hat like a little bunny.

  12. What, why did they just turn off AVX? They're building a game engine, it should be able to do feature-detection on your CPU. Vector instructions have a big performance impact.

    (Well, I've never built a game engine so don't know what the effect size would be in practice, but in image processing for example it's important.)

  13. Why kant they have the 3 seperate ports on the 3050TI like the 1050TI has…no they have to do it to save costs…what costs? people buy these things for 1200usd…it is a 30 series card so throw money at it.

  14. Investors suing a company in such a way is ABSURD. Its almost always the fault of greedy investors that cause problems to begin with, especially in cases like this where a Dev is forced to put out a product that isn't ready because of demands by the investors and those who are making the most from the product if it does well. This is why most industries are actually hurt once they get "profitable" and are then taken over by people who are only worried about making money and not about putting out a quality product they are personally proud of.

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