HUNTER X HUNTER: Greed Island Arc Analysis | ANIME RPG GAME

That is the fifth video in a collection of Hunter X Hunter movies that I’ve been importing which covers the divisive Greed Island Arc. Some consider Greed island to …

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44 thoughts on “HUNTER X HUNTER: Greed Island Arc Analysis | ANIME RPG GAME

  1. I mean all of the phantom troupe are stronger than 99% of the people playing the game outside of razior so why be cautious

  2. You know how I draw my stuff for hours and hours, and I can't really find content to listen to in that time, soo this 1 hour long video is going to help massively to calm my nerves when I draw, thank you

  3. I've been waiting for this video. This is my favorite arc behind the chimera ant arc. The lengths long too, should be fun

  4. This the last arc of Hxh I could enjoy from start to finish. When the battles had relatively good flow, was so melodramatic and adventurous fun vibes. The only complaint? Not seeing the usual gang of Gon, Killua, Leorio and Kurapika together 🙁 .

    A very nice and incentive card system. Was like discovering another Yu-Gi-Oh again but useful in battle as well.

  5. I made it this far.. I can't do it anymore. Time to watch the series again! This is a great arc. I dislike the Bug arc more than anything. I didn't finish it the first time. Watched it a second, but still didn't like it. It isn't bad. It is just a change from anything else before. It wasn't the ability of the characters that won but the slow poisoning and love that won the day. It isn't Sailor Moon 😉

  6. This was a really good watch.
    Gon was merciless vs genthru, but he cheap shotted gon, so it was deserved.

  7. I have played a lot RPGs and I understood what togashi had done making Genthru not many can understand the pain of having same cliche final antagonist of a general jrpgs are boring as fuck and Togashi basically made fun of it by having Genthru as final antagonist instead of razor by showing hell a difference in charecter between them.Also since togashi took inspiration from jrpgs he made a bland final antagonist similar to most jrpgs as well

  8. Genthru is like a normal jrpg final villan and in a way togashi was making fun of the troupes in jrpgs by showing a very good antagonist like razor and a cliche antagonist of a general jrpg (genthru) but the final battle was one the best battles of hxh with full of suspense well planned togashi

  9. 70 minutes for greed island arc with this much work put into editing/compiling/script, You're more dedicated to putting out HxH material than Togashi himself.

  10. Ah I forgot about Killua’s yo-yos. And completely missed the detail that they were designed by Milluki. I almost thought he was mostly useless, save for a few tech wizard moments. But that just makes me appreciate the technology aspect of the Zoldyk family even more.

    I want to know about the Mom’s eyes and rocket launcher lol.

  11. And all of what you have said it's why Greed Island is my favorite Hunter X Hunter arc, it isn't the best, but what it does, it's amazing, from exploring Nen to exploring a new game, to exploring relationships to other individuals in different ways. It does a lot amazingly well, and in an organic way!!! 😀

  12. I enjoy playing a video game and listening to your opinions and analysis on various anime’s definitely keeps me entertained

  13. Honestly think that you're my favorite youtube at this point. The amount of consistent content and the quality and LENGTH of said content is truly magnificent 👌

  14. Great video and series. Hunter x hunter is my favourite anime, so I love the analysis of the arcs! Carry on doing what you’re doing 🙂

  15. I just wanna pause the video and thank you for making these… The effort is not going unnoticed and I believe I speak for all subscribers when I say, you are doing everything right and you don't disappoint… Your channel is now associated with Quality 👌🏾

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